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A Legacy Stripped Bare: William Mehlman

Barring a thunder clap from the vicinity of Mount Sinai, the Israeli government’s release of 26 incarcerated Arab murderers and accomplices to the murder of scores of its Jewish citizens will have been consummated by the time these words are read. Thus will the first concentric circle of Jewish abandonment of domain over the Land of Israel have been closed four years after being drawn by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a speech at Bar-Ilan University.

“Palestinian peace” should not be construed as a sudden reversal of policy, however intense the pressure for its realization from the Obama White House. Its incremental ingredients have been collecting over the political landscape ever since Mr. Netanyahu told his Bar-Ilan audience that he was nulling and voiding a lifetime commitment to the territorial integrity of the Land of Israel in favor of a “Palestinian State” carved out of the Jewish state’s Judean and Samarian heartland. Those who glibly contended that he never really meant it or that his public trashing of the national Zionist legacy would not come back to haunt us have now been given good cause to think otherwise.

If many of us failed to “think otherwise” sooner, it was because in our propensity for “romancing” the truth – the yihiyeh tov (“all will be well”) syndrome — we never believed a national Zionist government would bring us to this pass. But the evidence, subtle and not-so-subtle was out there – the shift in emphasis from the Jordan Valley to the Jordan River as Israel’s inviolable line of defense against invasion from the east; the near disappearance of obeisance to an indivisible Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, the half hearted attempts to discourage illegal Palestinian construction (widely viewed as a left-handed green light) in Area C of Judea and Samaria, home to 350,000 Israelis, the area to which Israeli law must soon be extended if the Jewish state has any hope of holding off a Fatah-Hamas takeover of 22 percent of its patrimony.


From the Editor: Rael Jean Isaac

Who Are Muslim Brothers?

Egypt’s National Salvation Front, which bills itself as “a coalition of pro-democratic and secular parties in Egypt” has set out to educate President Obama on the nature of the Muslim Brotherhood. Ironically, the Front’s statement could have been written by Andrew McCarthy or Robert Spencer or any of the (alas) small minority who have tried to educate the public here about the Brotherhood–and been labeled paranoid Islamaphobic crazies for their pains. Here are a few excerpts from the Front’s statement:

“Let us first inform you about who the Muslim brothers are….Their aim is to rule the world through a so-called Islamic Caliphate as they believe in their absolute supremacy. They pretend they are God’s emissaries and they will not rest until they have forced the whole world into submission….They have used deceit, soft speeches, international funds and whenever required, violence, to impose their will.”

The Front complains of media bias (unlike Israel, with its pathetic public relations in the face of systematic media distortions, the Front minces no words): “Since July 3, 2013, the day deposed President Morsi was ousted by popular demand of millions of Egyptians, the Western media and prominent emissaries from the U.S. and Europe have consistently decried the sit-ins that paralyzed a large part of Cairo as ‘peaceful demonstration.’ …Peaceful demonstrators do not threaten Christians with genocide….While the Western media was focusing yesterday on the clearing of the sit-ins, more than 45 attacks were made on Christian installations across Egypt resulting in the torching of 19 churches and cathedrals, some built in the 6th Century. ”

While U.S. media (mainly has-been) stars are stampeding into Al Jazeera, Egypt’s current government is “assessing its legal status” (i.e. thinking of shutting it down) for “threatening stability and security.”

Advice for Netanyahu

Martin Sherman offers the best counsel for Netanyahu: “Resign, just resign!” Although he doesn’t put it that way, in effect what he says is “If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.” And Netanyahu clearly can’t stand the heat.

Virtually all the publicity has focused on the disgraceful release of over a hundred murderers of Israelis, but Sherman points out that the text of the invitation accepted by Israel states that the goal of the negotiations is to implement the two-state solution on the basis of the ’67 lines with minor land swaps. In other words, Israel agrees in advance to the indefensible pre-1967 lines as its borders–unless mutually agreed otherwise. Sherman says this “sends an unequivocal message to the Palestinians, the Arabs and the international community that no position articulated by Israel need be taken seriously. For Israel has proved that no matter how outlandish, outrageous, macabre or scandalous the demands of its adversaries, the Jews will eventually submit–irrespective of how resolutely they feign opposition to them initially.”

Sherman rightly observes that “no matter what fork-tongued, fallacious flattery it might reap in the short run for its ‘flexibility,’ Israel has made itself a laughing stock, unable to adhere to any principle, no matter how crucial, for any length of time.”

As Sherman sums up, “Netanyahu has embraced a policy he spent decades berating, resisting and mobilizing publics at home and abroad to oppose. He thus has either failed to implement a policy he believes in, or is implementing a policy he does not believe in. Whichever is true, this is an untenable situation which cannot continue. Accordingly the only act of true leadership left for Netanyahu is to resign, and to resign without delay.”


The Al Dura Case: White Hats, Black Hats, and Dunce Caps: Rael Jean Isaac

Editor’s note: Last month Outpost ran Guy Milliere’s “France’s Blood Libel Against Israel” which described the background of the Al Dura case and the French establishment’s dogged defense of the fraud despite overwhelming evidence that it was a staged non-event.  Here I offer some reflections on what the case tells us of the French literary […]


The Brave and the Blow-Hards: Rita Kramer

  What does it mean to be brave?  In what does courage consist?  These are questions that come to mind thinking about men and women who have stood up against tyranny, put their freedom and even their lives at risk by taking a stand and comparing them with  activists and protestors in our country today.  […]


Jewish Response to Nazism and Fundamentalist Islam: Jerrold L. Sobel

Times change, players are substituted, but like fashion, history has a tendency to repeat itself.  However, unlike shoes or dresses, reiterated history can be disastrous.  Case in point is the reaction of Jews at the dawn of the Holocaust and today regarding “peace” talks between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs.                 Everyone agrees that Hitler’s […]


Message of the Bereaved Families and Terror Victims in Almagor 27 July 2013

Editors note: This statement by the families of Israeli terror victims, translated from the Hebrew by IMRA (Independent Media Review and Analysis) underscores the underhanded way in which the release of the killers of Israelis was handled by the government. Fearful that the association of terror victims might spark a public outcry against its disgraceful action, the government lied to the families until the last possible moment.

To the Israeli public

In the last hours, Prime Minister Mr. Netanyahu addressed a letter to the public which tries to explain his surrender to terror and his alarming willingness to carry out an additional release of murderers with blood on their hands. These are the most heinous killers, including the murderers of Leil Hakilshonim, the murderers of the soldiers Tamam and Blumberg in Wadi Ara and others.

Again it seems that the Prime Minister falls apart and doesn’t stand up to pressure at the hard moment. It appears that the Nobel Peace Prize that winks at Obama and Kerry overshadows any moral and reasonable consideration and Israel is pressed again into failed negotiations with the resulting disappointment possibly hitting us with an additional round of violence.

Please note that the publishing of the Prime Minister’s letter comes after the bereaved families of terror victims were deceived by repeated assurances that there is no possibility that the release of terrorists would be discussed:

1. When we initiated a parliamentary question in the Knesset on the release of terrorists, a close associate of Prime Minister, Ophir Akonis, was sent to announce that the release of terrorists was not being discussed. Now it seems that Akonis was sent to deceive and lull the bereaved families and the injured to stop the fight we started.


Losing Israel Peace By Peace : Jack Engelhard

— The latest from John Kerry is that the current “peace process” between the Israelis and the Palestinians will be “difficult” – and so it has been from one secretary of state to another, and from one Israeli prime minister to the next, up to Benjamin Netanyahu. The Israelis always make it “difficult,” but in the end – oh in the end they always cave in.

Every secretary of state of recent vintage has tried and succeeded to “bring both sides together” and it is always Israel that finds itself with less yardage than it had before, with nothing but more Palestinian hatred gained in return. First, though, Israel must make “concessions.” That is the first trick to rip Israel to shreds peace process by peace process. No concessions are demanded from the other side.

The real goal is to destroy Israel with one punch, but Israel’s appeasement-happy leaders are not quite that stupid, so they drag it out, making themselves appear “tough” and “intransigent,” and this angers the “international community,” which turns to the United States to browbeat Israel into submission.

Releasing prisoners, murderers all of them, is the first requirement that falls on Israel, and as expected, Israel says no, and next day capitulates.

The next demand from all of our secretaries of state is that Israel must stop building in and around Jerusalem, and here we go again, Israel says that it will not do this, absolutely not, and next morning the prime minister – whoever it is at the time – announces a building freeze.


The More Things Change, The Worse They Get : Ruth King

Imagine, if you will, a conversation between Abbas and one of his sidekicks regarding the negotiations forced upon him and Netanyahu by John Kerry.

ABU SIDEKICK: Damn you Mahmoud! Make them a demand they cannot accept. You know we cannot have negotiations. It will bring disaster upon us.

ABBAS: I am desperate. Every single impossible demand that I make, they accept!

ABU SIDEKICK: Tell them that as a precondition they have to understand that we hate Jews and we will only accept a Palestine in all of the West Bank without a single Jew, and that’s just for starters before we erase all of Israel. Surely that would be a red line for them.

ABBAS: You don’t know what I am up against. I told them that. I repeated it in interviews on PA TV and they don’t care. They just move their red line. Don’t you remember that they used to say dividing Jerusalem and accepting an Arab state in Judea and Samaria was a red line they would not cross? And then they accepted the division of the city and even extended our sovereignty over the Temple Mount.

ABU SIDEKICK: Tell them that they have to empty their jails of all hard line terrorists who have massacred Jews. No country would do that.

ABBAS: Oh please, don’t you read anything? Bibi agreed to that. Al-Ha’aretz even had an editorial praising their release.


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