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Buji’s Hanukah Gift :William Mehlman

Branch Rickey, Major League Baseball’s philosopher-in-residence for over half a century, once defined luck as the “residue of design.” He never met Benjamin Netanyahu, which is rather a pity, because in the actions of Israel’s prime minister he would have been witness to the most demanding test of his theorem in the annals of contemporary politics. For whatever Mr. Netanyahu may have thought he was “designing” in his disembowelment of an admittedly rocky but serviceable ruling coalition with a contract extending into 2017, it appears to have had as much to do with luck as testing the elasticity of a concrete pavement with one’s nose.
The timing of this feat of derring-don’t could not have been more exquisite. The prime minister’s decision to wager his leadership of the Jewish State against the shifting sensibilities of a post-war electorate showing signs of having become overly accustomed to his face coincides altogether too closely with the seating in January of what is likely to be the most pro-Israel U.S. Congress in a quarter century. It is a House and Senate ready to raise the capitol dome over any White House notion of withholding America’s veto of a proposed UN Security Council attempt to box Israel into a EU-inspired two-year ultimatum for the creation of a Hamas-partnered “Palestinian state” within the parameters of the indefensible pre-June 1967 cease- fire lines. It is a Congress that has informed the White House that it will not brook “even the mention of U.S. sanctions” against Israel over the issue of Jewish housing construction in Jerusalem or Judea and Samaria. Finally, it is a Congress that will use every lever of power at its command to meet Israel’s most urgent need: a ratcheting up of sanctions to the pain level on a nuclear-bent Iran. Gifting Obama, Kerry and the Europeans at this critical juncture with a concession-oriented JerusaIem government relatively indifferent to this agenda would be tantamount to an Israeli plea of non compos mentis.
If a normally super-cautious Benjamin Netanyahu lost enough of his cool over a tepid challenge to his power from coalition partner Yair Lapid (Yesh Atid) to precipitate a $2 billion March election nobody wants, his chief challenger-presumptive for the premiership, Labor Party chairman Isaac (“Buji”) Herzog, may very well have lost his head. With Israel’s predominantly Leftist media all but having anointed him as the polls began to oscillate in his favor, Buji dropped a bombshell. Eschewing all arguments to the contrary, he announced that Labor would be running on a joint slate in March with the Hatnuah party of former Likud coalition Justice Minister Tsipi Livni. Herzog additionally let it be known that his agreement with Hatnuah, a party that stands on the brink of extinction under a newly elevated 3.25 percent electoral threshold for Knesset representation, includes a rotational agreement with Livni that will allow her to replace him as prime minister over the last two years of his four-year term.
Herzog’s gift of half his kingdom to a political vagabond who has jumped in and out of four parties over the last 10 years has suddenly injected new life into a flagging Likud, while leaving foes preparing to glory in its demise in a state of apoplexy. Writing under the headline “Livni Will Destroy Herzog Too” Ha’aretz political analyst Israel Harel declared that “it was not ego Herzog set aside [in granting Livni] frightful concessions, but rather wisdom.” The entire Leftwing bloc, he warns, “will pay the political price for the service fee he gave to this aggressive, fickle, quarrelsome and politically unrestrained character.”
Predicting that Herzog’s promise to Livni of “half the kingdom will turn out to be the mistake of his life,” Harel bitterly characterized the Labor chairman’s pride in his absence of ego as “nothing more than a lack of leadership. In this case he isn’t an altruist, he’s a loser.”
Weighing in on the more practical political consequences of the Herzog-Livni prime ministerial rotation agreement, Harel’s Ha’aretz colleague Yossi Verder opined that it pretty much obviated any chance of Labor enticing Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman and his repositioned centrist Israel Beitenu party or the new economic reform-minded Kulanu party launched by former Likud Welfare Minister Moshe Kahlon into a proposed coalition of the Center-Left to unseat Bibi Netanyahu. “If anyone thinks either of them,” who together could have brought 24 seats to the table, “will bow their heads to such an arrangement, he is either a genius or a fool.”


From the Editor : Rael Jean Isaac

Addled for Adalah?
Most of those who support Adalah (which describes itself as “an independent human rights organization and legal center” defending the rights of Palestinian Arab Israeli citizens) know that they support an organization that rejects the legitimacy of the Jewish state.
As NGO Monitor notes, Adalah’s data base on “Racist Laws” is cited repeatedly as proof of Israeli discrimination against its Arab citizens in campaigns against Israel and in the New York Times (which is on a permanent anti-Israel campaign). Adalah offers as evidence of “racism” the use of the Menorah on an Israeli stamp, the use of the Hebrew date in government correspondence, the Star of David on Israel’s flag. Of the 101 laws listed as discriminatory 44 were “proposed” and never became law; others are misquoted. Not surprisingly, Adalah officials played an active role in the infamous 2001 UN World Conference Against Racism in Durban which crystalized a policy of complete and total isolation of Israel as an apartheid state.
NGO Monitor reports that foreign NGOs and countries have been pouring money into Adalah. For example in 2012 alone Christian Aid gave it $193,000, Oxfam $507,000, ACSUR, a Spanish NGO that supposedly strengthens “grassroots organizations” $113,000, EED, a German nonprofit $360,000—the total from European sources was just under $2,000,000.
Even more disturbing, the Jews have not been far behind. The New Israel Fund between 2008 and 2013 gave or channeled grants worth $1,673,634 to Adalah. Many Jews who contribute to the New Israel Fund are doubtless fooled by its claim to be a pro-Israel organization. They are addled rather than evil. The end result is the same—they fund the campaign for Israel’s destruction.

Plaut Channels Peres
Steven Plaut has forwarded a letter from Shimon Peres to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif of Pakistan (OK, a letter he might easily have written). In it Israel’s much admired political thinker provides valuable advice on how to respond to the Taliban’s terror attack on a school in Peshawar that left 130 students dead. Here is an excerpt:
“You must invite the leaders of the Taliban responsible for the bloodshed to meet with you. The Taliban are entitled to self-determination and national sovereignty! The attack on the Peshawar school came about because you have been insufficiently sensitive to the needs of the Other. Moreover if you refuse to negotiate with them, then their leaders will be toppled and a violent extremist group will take charge.
“Violence never achieves anything. History has no lessons. History is the dead past. Follow my example! Provide the Taliban with anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles so that they can battle against the true radicals and extremists. Mister Prime Minister, my own peace policies have eliminated war, bloodshed and terror from the Middle East. If you follow in my footsteps, you can achieve the same lofty goals.”

A Footnote on Peshawar
Mark Steyn provides an interesting addendum: “Re that hospital the survivors of the schoolhouse massacre were taken to: do you know who Lady Reading Hospital is named after? The Marchioness of Reading was born Alice Cohen, the daughter of a Jewish merchant in London. She married a barrister called Rufus Isaacs, who in 1921 as Lord Reading became Viceroy of India—the first Jew to hold the highest office in the Raj. Alice Reading devoted her time as vicereine to charity and health issues, and was the driving force behind the construction of proper medical facilities in Peshawar. So here we are nine decades later: Jew-hate is endemic among the hard men of Islam. But, when it comes to treating wounded Muslim schoolchildren, the only game in town is a hospital founded by a Jew.


Israel and the Cost of Being Too Clever :Steve Apfel

“Be not over righteous, nor too clever,” Solomon, a profoundly righteous and clever king, warns Israel for all time. His words speak cogently to modern Israel, at liberty to act for the good of its people, not least with regards to land.
If only Israel took the wise king’s early warning to heart. Echelons of Israeli leaders and society chose to be exactly what Solomon warned them not to be: over-righteous and too clever.
Can anyone dispute that more ingenuity has gone into schemes to give away territory won against the odds than into schemes to keep territory for the benefit of Israel’s own people? Magnanimous is hardly the word. Foolhardy might be.
I’m sure one could turn up some example, but you’d have to dig pretty deep to come up with another nation that gave away parts of a tiny country to a well-disposed neighbor. To come up with another nation that handed its land on a platter to implacable foes you’d have far deeper to dig. Foolhardy is hardly the word. Nihilistic might be.
Like a child craving attention, Israel looked about for compliments only to have to ward off cudgels. “Barbaric barbarians” a celebrity called Israel for the way it conducted the last of three mini- wars in Gaza, the strip it had made a gift of to a rocket-firing, tunneling enemy. “Systematic murderers” a British documentary maker called Israel for the way it stemmed waves of suicide attacks rolling in from the ‘West Bank’, Israel’s gift of real estate to bombers in human disguise.
The world forgets Israel’s open-handed sharing, yet remembers her every ‘disproportionate’ attack. You’d have to dig pretty deep to come up with another people universally maligned after giving away land for nothing but the holy grail of peace. Ungrateful is hardly the word. Perverse might be…Or contempt, even from Israel’s big-brother ally.
“The sad fact is that the United States has no appealing (Middle East) partners left today… Israel is wrapping up its latest outrage against the Palestinians – to no lasting strategic purpose. The “special relationship” with Israel also fuels anti-Americanism and makes Washington look both hypocritical and ineffectual in the eyes of much of the world.” So writes Harvard Professor Stephen Walz, a voice held in high regard among the American Administration’s foreign policy echelons.
How bitter are the wages from being too righteous and clever. How self-defeating. How costly in hard currency. Thriving Jewish communities uprooted, economic activity disrupted, war debts incurred, worldwide Jews attacked and demonized, diplomatic ties frayed or broken. Not to forget death.
Rabbis at prayer slaughtered like sheep. Sons and daughters abducted, run down shot and knifed: the payback for weak-bellied appeasements. Never mind the terror it brought; does the international community love Israel any better?
Sinai was Israel’s first give-away, and the easiest. Opposition to the dismantling of Jewish communities in the Sinai was weak because it was out of sight out, of mind. No more than a vacation spot to many, Sinai was dispensable. In 1982 Israel’s own bulldozers obliterated Yamit with barely a shout.


From Sydney to Rome, Until Islam Rules the World :Dror Yemini

“One Ummah without the West; until Islam rules there will be no rest.”
These words, said by children aged six to 13, were broadcast during a solidarity ceremony with the Islamic State, in which participants also waved the organization’s flags.
It didn’t happen in Mosul. The ceremony took place recently in one of the suburbs of Sydney. The shocking event was documented by the Australian 7News television news service. The irony is that the Sydney café where the hostage siege took place is located beside the network’s offices.
The children participating in the ceremony are wearing Muslim clothes, speaking English. They are guided by adult jihadists. The education they receive is similar to the education in Gaza. The goal is not to free al-Aqsa. The goal is to free Sydney from the chains of democracy.
It turns out that there is no need for the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, or for the occupation, to nurture hatred towards democracy and the West. The jihadists in Sydney are also calling for the death of US President Barack Obama and Syrian President Bashar Assad.
“It’s sickening,” Australian Immigration Minister Scott Morrison said in response to the video. The Australians are also trying to do something. The immigration policy is changing. The Israeli infiltration prevention bill is an embodiment of humanity compared to what is going on there.
By the way, one of the first terrorist attacks in the Islamic context was carried out on Australian soil. In as early as 1915, two Muslims murdered four train passengers. The assailants were killed. In a letter one of them left behind, he said he was defending the Ottoman caliphate and that “I must kill you and give my life for my faith, Allahu Akbar.”
What has Australia done to them? Why prepare a cadre of children, starting from the age of 6, educate them to jihad and raise them as potential shahidim (martyrs)?
Australia hasn’t done anything to them. They don’t need someone to do something to them. That’s because the global jihad organizations, from 1915 to this very day, from al-Shabaab to the Taliban, from Hamas to Islamic State, from Boko Haram to al-Qaeda, share the same ideology: Imposing Islam’s rule on the entire world.
Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi said several weeks ago that the plan is to take over Rome. Why Rome? Yunis al-Astal, a Palestinian Parliament member for Hamas, explained even before the ISIS declaration that Rome must be conquered because it is “the capital of the Catholics, or the Crusaders.” All stops lead to Rome, including Sydney.
Most Muslims, including in Australia, are not jihad supporters. The problem, as always, is with the radical minority, which is trying to impose a nightmare. The problem is that the minority acts. Thousands of Westerners are joining ISIS. Not a single Muslim has come out of the West to join the battle against ISIS.
The Israeli-Arab conflict, or Israeli-Palestinian conflict, is becoming more religious. This change has another aspect. The West is very biased against Israel when it comes to the national conflict, the settlements, the occupation. The overdone support for a nonexistent Palestinian state is proof of that.
But on the other hand, as the conflict becomes more religious, there is much more solidarity with Israel. Because then, the war is not against Israel. The war is against Sydney and Rome.
It’s true that the delusional margins in the left will continue to understand jihad, offer explanations for it and blame Israel. But the majority in the West is beginning to show signs of repulsion. It is running out of patience.


Democracy and the Jewish State :Daniel Greenfield

Editor’s Note: The Wall Street Journal published a letter from Harvey Bines of Boston on Dec. 8 which zeroes in on the absurdity of the furor over the proposed “Jewish State” law. Replying to an op ed by Ellenson and Lipstadt that claimed the bill provided “fodder for Israel’s critics,” Bines wrote: “Has it occurred to those esteemed interlocutors that it might be just a bit more difficult to recognize Israel as a Jewish state—supposedly an absolute Israeli condition to a negotiated two state solution—if Israel won’t recognize itself as a Jewish state?”

Never mind the Islamic State and its boxes of heads. The consensus among politicians and the media is that the real crisis in the region is that the Jewish State is declaring itself a Jewish State.
Again, Israel’s flag carries the six-pointed star that was the seal of the House of David. Its anthem speaks of the “Jewish spirit.” Israel’s Declaration of Independence declared “the establishment of a Jewish State.”
It couldn’t be any less unambiguous if Mel Brooks were made the President of Israel. Despite that the media and its politicians treated the Jewish State bill as a major development and the end of the world.
And that’s not an exaggeration.
The understated title of a Haaretz article was “The road from Jewish nation-state to the Gates of Hell.” It was only to be expected that the radicals of the leftist paper would lose their minds over a bill that reaffirms reality. Reality has always been the enemy of the left.
The New York Times called the bill “heartbreaking.” This is the first time that the Gray Lady showed anything resembling a heart when it came to Israel.
The State Department, whose boss just decided to ignore the results of a democratic election and press on with his undemocratic agenda, warned Israel to maintain its “commitment to democratic principles.” The European Union, which rejects a democratic referendum, warned Israel to “protect its democratic standards.”
Obama, the EU and the Israeli left like talking about democracy. They just don’t like practicing it.
PLO leader Mahmoud Abbas declared, “We will never recognize the Jewishness of the state of Israel.” A PFLP official, the terrorist organization which claimed responsibility for the recent massacre of Rabbis in a synagogue, called the bill racist.
And yet the Palestinian basic law states that “the Palestinian people are part of the Arab nation.” There is no provision made for non-Arab Palestinians, even though the term was originally used to refer to all residents of the British Mandate for Palestine. There is no mention of the ten thousand Africans living in Gaza.
When it comes to religion, the basic law is even clearer.
“Islam is the official religion in Palestine,” it states. “The principles of Islamic Sharia shall be a principal source of legislation.”
Finally it adds that “Arabic shall be the official language.”


Time to Wake Up: Dror Eydar

1. They haven’t woken up yet. Certainly not in Australia. Even after the deadly terrorist attack at a cafe in Sydney, parts of the institutionalized Australian media are still trying to delude their audience, maintaining that it was a “lone-wolf” who perpetrated the horrific assault. The Australian prime minister “took comfort” in the knowledge that the assailant had a history of mental illness.
A European court decided this week that Hamas is not a terrorist organization — it is a charity group with some “lone-wolf” members. The West’s basic instincts have become dull, after decades of suppressing its own survival mechanism by self-imposing a stern “politically correct” regime. Most of the leading figures in the West (and in Israel) are more concerned with how they are perceived by the community, and that they say the “correct” words that they are allowed to say, than they are with actually confronting the truth.
Who is responsible for most of the terrorist acts around the world today? Mother Theresa? What percentage of Muslims support militant Islamist organizations? These are not “lone-wolves” — this is a serious phenomenon with grave implications on the free world. It is something that needs to be confronted, rather than ganging up on anyone who points it out.
In February 2007, Professor Raphael Israeli — an international expert on Islam and professor at Hebrew University — was interviewed by an Australian newspaper. In the interview, Israeli warned that the Muslim minority living in the continent posed a real threat to the Australians. His studies suggest that life can become unbearable when the Muslim population of a Western country reaches critical mass (in one study he even attached a number to this idea of critical mass: 10 percent of the general population). It is a rule of thumb, he said, and if it applies everywhere, it certainly applies in Australia.
As an example, he cited the riots in Paris in 2006. Israeli suggested that the Australians ban the entry of Muslim radicals and adopt a preventative approach to avoid flooding the continent with immigrants from Indonesia. Muslim immigrants, he argued, have a reputation of taking advantage of Western tolerance and hospitality to advance their own ends. Trains in London and in Madrid were not blown up by Christians or Buddhists. They were blown up by Muslims. Precautions must be taken, he warned.
Not too far from Australia, in Bali, Islamist organizations perpetrated two horrifying terrorist attacks in 2002 and in 2005. Bali bomber Amrozi bin Nurhasin, who was charged with causing the deaths of more than 200 people, stood up in court in front of the global media and cried out “Jews! Remember Khaibar. The army of Muhammad is coming back to defeat you.” Not one of the 200 victims was Jewish. The Australians watched, read the warnings, and went back to what they were doing.
When Israeli was interviewed, the Bali attacks were still fresh, but the regime political correctness made sure to take the string out. Israeli became the target of a Bolshevik-style witch hunt. He was accused of racism, xenophobia, and was called a plethora of derogatory names. He received death threats. In response, the Middle East expert told the Australians to wait and see what happens. This week, one would hope that the Australians recalled Israeli’s cautionary words. Maybe some of them wondered why they didn’t heed his warning. Maybe.
2. On Monday, radio personality Tali Lipkin-Shahak interviewed Professor Israeli. It wasn’t the interview that was notable, but the style in which it was conducted — a style shared particularly by many Israeli journalists, and Western journalists in general. “You were ahead of your time,” she said to him. Israeli replied that he had been investigating the Muslim “diaspora” in Western countries for over a decade, and that in that time the Muslim population has grown to alarming proportions.
“But why do you attribute violent intentions to the immigration process?” the interviewer asked him. “Joseph also immigrated to Egypt,” she remarked, evoking the Book of Genesis.
True, the professor answered, remarking that he had written five books on the subject, “but Joseph’s family had not proclaimed that it planned to conquer Egypt or to convert Egypt to become Israelite.”
“The Muslims explicitly say that they did not come to Europe in order to become European, but to Islamize Europe.” They have vowed that a Muslim flag will wave over 10 Downing Street in England and over Versailles Palace in France within 25 years, he explained.


England And The Jews – A Chequered But Bitter History :Ruth King

From the time that Jews arrived in England in significant numbers in 1066 they were persecuted, unfairly fined and taxed and accused of ritual murders–which, unsurprisingly, led to massacres.
Successive monarchs condoned this sytematic oppression. When Henry II died in 1189, King Richard the First (the Lionhearted) was preoccupied with the Third Crusade. During his absence, Jews were stoned, tortured and murdered. Upon his return in 1194, Richard established the Exchequer of the Jews, a catalogue of all Jewish holdings in England which the crown could and did arbitrarily seize.
Richard’s successors, Henry III and Edward I brought no relief, as Jews were forced to wear yellow badges and again accused of ritual murders. They were stripped of all landholding rights and, when they died, their belongings devolved to the crown.On June 15, 1215 The Magna Carta was issued stating: “No freeman shall be taken, imprisoned, disseised, outlawed, banished, or in any way destroyed, nor will We proceed against or prosecute him, except by the lawful judgment of his peers or by the law of the land.” But even in the highly vaunted declaration, clauses 10 and 11–now airbrushed by historians–were overtly anti-Semitic, depicting Jews as rapacious money lenders. On July 18, 1290 Edward I expelled the Jews, making England the first European country to do so. Their banishment lasted 350 years until Oliver Cromwell readmitted them in 1665.
In fact not all Jews left. Many Jewish converts remained in Britain posing as Spaniards–hence the name “conversos.” Occasionally the “Spanish” merchants were arrested on suspicion of being Jews–but individuals still managed to operate tacitly in trade hubs such as London and Bristol. Henry VIII often hired “converso” musicians and consulted Jews as legal advisers. During Elizabeth’s reign (1558- 1603) Rodrigo Lopez served as court physician to Queen Elizabeth, who appreciated his knowledge. Nonetheless, he fell victim to court intrigues and was hung, drawn and quartered.
Although Cromwell readmitted Jews, their re-establishment took decades. In 1664, King Charles II was the first monarch to issue “a promise of protection” followed by more confirmations of the act in 1674 and 1685. In 1698, the Act for Suppressing Blasphemy granted recognition to the practice of Judaism in England. In 1753 the Jewish Naturalization Bill (Jew Bill) was issued to give foreign-born Jews the ability to acquire the privileges of native Jews, but was rescinded due to a high level of anti-Semitic agitation.


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