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Payback : William Mehlman

There were two winners in the November 17th race for Israel’s 20th Knesset: Benjamin Netanyahu, who staked his political future on the belief that in any showdown between national security and even the most pressing domestic needs, the Israeli public would vote security, and a United States Congress that provided him with a stage equal to the scope and sensitive to his articulation of those security concerns.

There were, of course, other factors which contributed to a Likud victory that has sent political polling science back to the drawing board – the pollsters’ failure to reconcile results indicating victory for the Herzog-Livni “Zionist Union” with the fact that more than half the people they polled said they preferred Netanyahu as prime minister; voter resentment over the alliance between a profoundly anti-Netanyahu local media and “V15,” a slick American PR team with $350,000 to spend on sending the prime minister into retirement; Netanyahu’s amazing ability to recharge a deflated national Zionist base in a zero-hour TV and radio interview blitz, and finally, his gutsy refusal to retreat, in the face of the heaviest fire ever directed at an Israeli leader, on his commitment to speak his mind on a nuclear Iran before the democratic world’s most powerful legislative body. Opponents will have the next four years to press their argument that his victory was grounded in an anti- Left “scare “campaign laced with anti-Arab voter bias, but they’ll be doing it from outside the governing coalition tent.

The disappointed party in this triangulated political drama, needless to say, was the White House. That President Obama does not take his disappointment with Bibi’s political deportment lightly was illustrated well before the Israeli elections. In fact, it surfaced within days of the PM’s March 3rd address to Congress, with Obama’s appointment of serial Israel head-hunter Robert Malley as his Special Assistant and White House Coordinator for the Middle East, North Africa and the Gulf States. Among other things, Malley, Rhodes Scholar, Yale political science PhD and Harvard Law JD son of radical Egyptian-Jewish journalist and Gamal Nasser confidante Simon Malley, may be recalled as a key participant in the Bill Clinton 2000 Camp David summit with Yasser Arafat and then-Israeli premiere Ehud Barak. That was the summit in which Arafat turned his nose up at an offer of statehood in 95 percent of Judea and Samaria and launched the Second Intifada because the deal didn’t include Israel’s acceptance of 5 million pseudo Palestinian refugees.


From the Editor: Rael Jean Isaac

Good People and Dirty Work

The Daily Mail reports that one of Britain’s wealthiest charities, the century-old Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust, run by a committee of practicing Quakers, is funding terrorist support groups, apparently on the principle, the bloodier the better.

The Daily Mail notes that even by the standards of the Irish troubles, the battering to death with a metal gas cylinder of a 73 year old bar owner (his “crime”, refusing to serve three drunken youths who claimed to be entitled to free drinks because of their connection to the terrorist Irish National Liberation Army or INLA), stood out, and was described by the Irish police “as one of the most brutal crimes that we have ever encountered.” The ringleader, Eugene Kelly, convicted in 1992, and his fellow defendants did nothing but laugh in the courtroom. Released in 2007, Kelly returned to INLA, was jailed again, and is currently behind bars. Teach na Failte, a “non-profit” that says it was created “to help current former INLA prisoners and their families” identifies and praises Kelly as a “prisoner of war.” Teach na Failte is run by Eddie McGarrible, a former INLA prisoner who served ten years for a string of terror offenses. In November Teach na Failte received 150,000 pounds from the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust, which claims its decision-making is “based on Quaker values.”

The Rowntree trust is also the principal financial backer of Cage, a Muslim “human rights” group which acts as apologist for Mohammed Emwazi, the infamous ISIS executioner known as Jihadi John. The Mail reports that Cage has held a string of press conferences describing Emwazi as “extremely kind,” blaming his crimes on the British security services. The trust has given three separate grants totaling 305,000 pounds to this pro-Taliban, pro-Al Qaeda front group.


Answers Required :Yaakov Amidror

In a nutshell, the American argument is as follows: Iran has the ability to manufacture nuclear weapons, and even a very successful military strike won’t be able to take away the know-how that exists inside the people’s minds. Therefore, the best course of action is to come to an agreement with Iran not to pursue nuclear weapons. It is not an ideal agreement, the Americans concede, but it is the only possible agreement at this time, and that is why they will sign it (given that the Iranians comply with the most minimal terms).

Most importantly, they stress, they intend to supervise the implementation of the deal in a very strict manner. The agreement itself will be constructed in such a way that it would take Iran a full year to manufacture a bomb if they violate its terms, giving the Americans ample time to identify the violation and choose how to respond, should the need arise.

One can learn from all the available sources that the main stipulations of the agreement will be: a moderate reduction in the number of working centrifuges; all the uranium Iran continues to enrich from the moment the agreement is signed, in addition to all its existing enriched uranium, will be handed over to Russia, ensuring that they never have enough uranium for a bomb; if the export of enriched uranium is halted, or the number of centrifuges increased, it will immediately become known — tight supervision is key; after a set amount of time, given that Iran honors all the stipulations, it will be welcomed into the “family of nations.”


America’s Left-Wing Jews Ashamed of Israel’s Jews: Dennis Prager

American Jews on the left were beside themselves last week. Israel’s Jews did something that utterly infuriated these American Jews: Israel’s Jews overwhelmingly voted for a man of the right (or for other right-of-center parties). And not just any right-winger, but the only leader in the Western world to publicly differ from their hero, President Barack Obama.

To understand their fury, one must first understand that no one is more certain of their moral superiority than the left. This is true the world over, and among Jews it is particularly so. For the leaders of the American Jewish religious left (Reform, Reconstructionist, and now Conservative Judaism) Jews who are politically or socially conservative are a disgrace to Judaism, which, for left-wing Jews, is essentially the same as leftism. Both religious and secular Jews on the left regard Jewish conservatives as moral traitors to the Jewish people.

But certitude of their moral superiority is not the only reason American Jews on the left went ballistic last week. There are deeper, psychological, reasons.

Left-wing Jews live, work and socialize with left-wing non-Jews, and they believe that they are — to their great regret — identified with the Jewish state in the eyes of fellow leftists. Now, when Israel has left-wing governments — as it did in its first few decades and periodically after that — being identified with Israel is not problematic. But with Israel’s Jews repeatedly electing conservative governments, American Jews on the left believe that they must make it as clear as possible that they in no way support a right-wing Israel. Their moral self-esteem needs it and their left-wing credentials need it. Just look at how Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz, a lifelong Democratic activist and fervent liberal, has been ostracized from polite left-wing company solely because he is an outspoken defender of Israel.

As American Jews on the left see it, their moral credibility in the eyes of fellow leftists in the news media, Hollywood, and academia is threatened by Israel. They must therefore make it abundantly clear that a) they not only do not support the right-wing government of Israel; they do not even support Israel at this time b) they regard Benjamin Netanyahu as a vile human being; and c) they are ashamed — simply ashamed — of Israel’s Jews for having voted for a right-winger.


Sweden’s Foreign Minister Reviled as an Enemy of the Prophet : Ingrid Carlqvist and Lars Hedegaard

(Editor’s note: In its claim to the status of a “humanitarian superpower” Sweden has extended itself for Middle Eastern refugees more than any other European country. If you can get there, you can stay there. Sweden offers not merely asylum but permanent residence to anyone from Syria or Iraq, including virtually all the benefits to which native Swedes are entitled. Sweden has taken in more of these refugees than any Western country except Germany, and on a per capita basis has welcomed far more. So there is more than a little enjoyment to be derived–especially given Sweden’s failure to give asylum to Jews in the 1930s and its cold heart to Israel today–from the hot seat in which Sweden’s Foreign Minister finds herself today as an unwitting–one might say witless–Islamophobe. )

Evidently, Sweden’s Foreign Minister was unaware that by criticizing Islamic sharia customs, such as flogging a blogger a thousand times and the ill-treatment of women, she was, in fact, seen as turning against Islam itself.

From a Muslim perspective any criticism or infringement of sharia law and Muslims’ obligation to wage jihad [war in the service of Islam] is a violation of their freedom of religion.
In other words, it is incumbent on Muslims to “terrify” non-Muslims (referring to the Koran 8:60). But when they succeed, Muslim spokesmen accuse their frightened victims of suffering from “Islamophobia,” and demand that Western authorities denounce and persecute people beset by the psychiatric malady.

There is nothing, however, to indicate that Margot Wallström and other members of the Swedish government have been driven by fear. They have no knowledge of what orthodox Islam is about, and evidently believe that the religion is benevolent and peaceful, but unfortunately hijacked or misinterpreted by evil men.

As predicted, Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallström’s criticism of “medieval” conditions in Saudi Arabia has caused great parts of the Muslim world to rise up in anger against her and Sweden, the country she represents.


A Stone for His Slingshot: Ben Hecht 1948

(Editor’s note: In the Jewish Review of Books (Spring 2014) Stuart Schoffman has published a never before printed speech–which he found tucked away in the Ben Hecht Papers at the Newberry Library in Chicago– that famed screen writer Ben Hecht gave sometime early in 1948–it is undated– at a dinner at Slapsy Maxie’s, in Los Angeles. The dinner was financed by Mickey Cohen. a notorious gangland boss recently portrayed by Sean Penn in the movie Gangster Squad. By his own account Hecht had “turned into a Jew” in 1939 when the Nazi murder of Jews “brought my Jewishness to the surface.” Hecht would become an advocate for the Irgun, his 1946 stage play A Flag Is Born making so much money for the Irgun that they named a ship for him, the S.S. Ben Hecht. Cohen was won over to the cause, according to his own account, when Hecht told him “how these guys actually fight like racket guys would.” The hat was passed at Slapsy Maxie’s and the Hollywood demimonde ponied up with cash and pledges. The take for the night, according to the journalist Sidney Zion was “$230,000 and no welshers.”
Below are excerpts from the Hecht speech which have especial current pertinence as, in the wake of the Netanyahu victory–see the Prager article in this issue–there is again a battle for “the soul of the Jew.” The entire speech can be read in the Jewish Review of Books.)

I am going to speak of unhappy things tonight, things you will not be pleased to hear—and things I shall find no pleasure in saying. But Menachem Begin, the Commander of the Irgun and military leader of the embattled Jews in Palestine, has cabled me from Tel Aviv asking of me a favor. He asks that I do what I can to arouse among the Jews who are not fighting in the Holy Land, the knowledge that without them the Holy Land will be lost. And with it will be lost forever the hope of the Jews taking their place as equals in the human family.
“We are fighting against great odds,” the Irgun commander says. “The enemy outnumbers us and is better equipped. Great Britain is supplying him with its millions, its munitions, and its manpower. We have only ourselves. We have only our brave soldiers and the long-dreaming soul of the Jews of the world. Speak to that soul wherever you can. If it can be awakened, we shall win.”

I shall speak to it tonight as well as I can. The soul of the Jew is an ancient and complicated business. It has been trained by disaster and calumny to live in caution, to hide itself cozily behind good deeds, to overlook insults, to charm its enemies, and to avoid getting its enemies angrier than they are. Thus hidden, thus full of cunning modesties and suicidal graces, it has remained nevertheless a brave soul—when destinies other than its own are at stake. It has fought and died valorously in defense of every cause but its own. Yes, it has the courage to fight and die for others. But it has hardly the guts even to speak in its own behalf. I know this soul of the Jew because I am part of it. And when the Irgun commander asks that it be wakened, he asks for a miracle. Awaken Jews into espousing their own cause—into believing in themselves—into grasping the battles of Palestine as their own bid for freedom; awaken them to knowing that victory in Palestine is a victory over anti-Semitism in every corner of the world. Commander Begin asks for this miracle because he is a part of this miracle himself. He is the leader of an army of liberation that all the military power and political bedevilments of Great Britain were unable to dislodge.


Israel’s Iron Dome Election: Ruth King

On May 17, 2014 India, a nation of 1,267,690,000 people, elected Narendra Modi as Prime Minister. In December of 2014 Prime Minister Shinzo Abe won re-election in Japan, a nation of 126,999,808 people. The media noted it, commented for a few days, and then moved on.

On March 17, 2015 Israel, a nation of roughly 8 million people re-elected Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. For weeks before, during and after, the media was in overdrive with prognostications, opinion and analyses, much of it informed by hostility to Israel’s Prime Minister.

In the Israeli media there was also a lot of hand wringing as in “Is Israel Losing Its Soul?” by black belt libeler Avi Shavit. There was the requisite whining of “Al Ha’Aretz” the leftist rag where writer Chemi Shalev warned that Netanyahu’s victory comes at a big international price. Shalev accused the Prime Minister of racism and for good measure bloviated: “Today, if you burn your bridges, you are severing contacts that you might very well need somewhere down the line. That’s what Benjamin Netanyahu did on the way to his surprise victory over Isaac Herzog on Tuesday.”


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