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Online now: Ben-Gurion Part 2: Battle for Authority

Battle for Authority chronicles David Ben-Gurion’s efforts to impose a single authority over the Jewish people, leading to his decision to take control of the World Zionist Organization and his clash with Revisionist leader Vladimir “Ze’ev” Jabotinsky.

There are already 41 videos on the site, covering everything from Zionism’s early years to Christian Zionism to Israel’s War of Independence.

Zionism101.org is free. You need only register to see the videos and to be informed when the next video is available.


Clogged Gasline William Mehlman

There are 22 trillion cubic feet of natural gas with an estimated market value of upwards of $70-$100 billion lying seven kilometers beneath Israel’s territorial Mediterranean waters. The chances of that massive energy pool, dubbed “Leviathan,” seeing the light of day were placed under a heavy cloud in April by a 4-1 decision of Israel’s High Court of Justice striking down a painfully negotiated 10-year development agreement between Jerusalem and Leviathan’s discoverers, Texas-based Noble Energy and Delek Group, Noble’s Israeli partner, that would have had the gas flowing by 2019. Also struck down or at least placed in limbo by the High Court were some $15 billion in prospective gas supply deals with Jordan, Egypt and Turkey, none of whom was about to allow its lack of affection for the Jewish state to stand in the way of its economic priorities. They obviously never figured being outdone in that department by an Israeli court.

Some might argue that “struck down” is an overly harsh description of the Court’s action, in that it grants the government a year to amend the Judges’ principle objection to the agreement, i.e., that a “Stability Clause” locking in for the consortium a minimum return on investment, a cap on liability and insurance against any change in taxation and regulation over the next 10 years constitutes an unacceptable restriction on government policy. The decision, however, was a stunning victory for the petitioners against the agreement, a gaggle of left-wing Israeli NGOs and their like-minded Knesset supporters, to whom the concept of a reasonable return on billions in high-risk investment is synonymous with grand theft. The booby prize goes to Benjamin Netanyahu, who bet the mortgage on an unprecedented personal appeal to the Court for his gas agreement and walked away with his pocket picked. “Netanyahu went out on a limb,” as one observer noted, “and got busted in a very public way.”

Listening to the celebrants rave about their triumph over the rapacious “gas barons,” one might be tempted to believe that they’d snatched the keys to the kingdom from being handed to Noble-Delek in a garage sale auction. Nothing could be further from the truth. The consortium, which has been pumping gas out of Israel’s smaller Tamar offshore field over the past two years, will face a levy on profits from Leviathan in excess of those agreed to after recovery of development costs, plus a 12.5 percent royalty to the Israeli Treasury, plus 25 percent of taxable income. Moreover, though capital gains taxes are not normally assessed on foreign investors in Israel, that is not the case in this instance. The government will reap taxes at 25-32 percent on any portion of its holdings in Leviathan the consortium might sell in order to ease its risk and cost burdens.


From the Editor: Rael Jean Isaac

Anti-Semitism Turns Violent at UC Irvine

At least fifty troublemakers from the Muslim Student Union and Students for Justice in Palestine (a better name would be Students for Eliminating Jews from Israel), shrieking “Long live the Intifada” and various profanities, pounded on the doors and windows and blocked the exits at the screening of Beneath the Helmet, a documentary on the Israel Defense Forces, which was being shown as part of an event hosted by Students Supporting Israel at the college. Jewish students were forced to call the police who escorted them to safety. Eliana Kopley, a sophomore pursued by the mob, says: “I was terrified. There is no other word to describe how I felt.”

At a time when “microaggressions” (i.e. aggressions invisible to ordinary human beings) are taboo at campuses around the country, actual violence against Jewish students is not treated as a serious issue. Rabbi Yonah Bookstein, campus rabbi at UC Irvine for almost five years, says that this latest incident brings back his tumultuous and scary days there. He had dubbed the campus UC Intifida as a result of the “constant anti-Israel programs, racist and anti-Semitic speakers, anti-Israel marches, protests and disruptions and an administration that looked the other way or denied how bad it was. A repeat performance seems to be in the works as, in response to this latest outrage, Chancellor Howard Gillman has issued a lame email lamenting that the protest “crossed the line of civility.”

If Jewish students around the country, increasingly subject to attacks from Muslim and far left students and agitators, think they can count on university administrators, including Jewish administrators, they are fast learning otherwise. Retired librarian Steven Karetzky recently sent a letter to the local Jewish newspaper commenting on the failure of Jewish students at San Francisco State University to react, although they were spat upon and assaulted. The mayor of Jerusalem had recently been forced from the stage there while police stood passively by. Karetzky, now 70, writes that he grew up as the sole Jewish kid on the block in a low-class, anti-Semitic neighborhood and learned as a result to become the toughest kid in the neighborhood. He asks: “Why aren’t Jewish children and young adults instructed in self-defense and martial arts like I was? The ZOA provides lessons in Krav Maga—an easy form of self-defense taught to all male and female Israelis when they enter the military…With the huge amounts of money given by the Jewish community, surely some can be given to Jews of all ages to teach them to defend themselves.”

A Fake Museum for a Fake Palestine

Daniel Greenfield reports on the opening with much fanfare of the $24 million Palestinian Museum, in the works since 1998. Only one problem: there are no exhibits. It is a perfect metaphor for the Palestinian cause. Writes Greenfield: “Palestine is an empty building with nothing in it. It’s a political Potemkin village. There’s a flag, an anthem, a museum and all the trappings of a country. But if you look closer, there’s nothing inside.” Nothing daunted, the empty museum is replicating itself, planning satellite museums in Beirut, San Diego, London, Dubai and Gaza. As Greenfield sums it up: “The Palestinian Museum is as empty as the souls of a populace that has wholly given itself over to a cult of death. Nothing can be put in there except hatred of Jews.”


U.S. Investment in – Not Foreign Aid to – Israel: Yoram Ettinger

In 2016, Israel is a major contributor to – and a global co-leader with – the U.S. in the areas of research, development, manufacturing and launching of micro (100 kg), mini (300 kg) and medium (1,000 kg) size satellites and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), as well as joint space missions, space communications and space exploration sounding rocket and scientific balloon flights. According to NASA Administrator, Charles Bolden, “Israel is known for its innovation. The October 15, 2015 joint agreement gives us the opportunity to cooperate with Israel on the journey to Mars, [highlighting Israel’s unique, extremely lightweight technologies, which conserve energy]….”

The annual U.S. investment in Israel – erroneously defined as “foreign aid”– has yielded one of the highest rates of return on U.S. investments overseas. Israel is neither “foreign,” nor does it receive “aid.”

From a one-way-street relationship, the U.S.-Israel connection has evolved into an exceptionally productive mutually-beneficial alliance. The U.S. is the senior and Israel the junior partner, in a win-win, geo-strategic partnership which transcends the 68-year-old tension between U.S. presidents (from Truman through Obama) and Israeli prime ministers (from Ben Gurion through Netanyahu) over the Arab-Israeli conflict and the Palestinian issue.

According to the former Supreme Commander of NATO forces and Secretary of State, the late General Alexander Haig: “Israel constitutes the largest U.S. aircraft carrier, which does not require a single U.S. boot on board, cannot be sunk, deployed in a most critical region to the U.S. economy and national security. And, if there were not Israel in the eastern flank of the Mediterranean, the U.S. would have to deploy – to the region – a few more real aircraft carriers and tens of thousands of troops, which would have cost the U.S. taxpayer some $15 billion annually. All of which is spared by the existence of Israel.”

Israel has been the most cost-effective laboratory of the U.S. defense industries, sharing battle experience and battle tactics. Thus Israel extends the U.S. strategic hand at a time when the U.S. is experiencing draconian cuts in its defense budget, curtailing the size of its military force and the global deployment of troops, while facing dramatically intensified threats of Islamic terrorism overseas and on the U.S. mainland.

The plant manager of Fort Worth, Texas-based General Dynamics (Lockheed Martin), which manufactures the F-16, asserted that Israeli lessons have spared the manufacturer 10-20 years of research and development, leading to over 700 modifications in the current generation of the F-16, “valued at a mega-billion dollar bonanza to the manufacturer.”

Similar lessons have been shared with the U.S. Army, Navy and Marine Corps and the U.S. manufacturers of tanks, armed personnel carriers, missile launchers, missiles, night navigation systems and hundreds of additional military and homeland security systems utilized by Israel. For instance, the Chattanooga, Tennessee-based Northrup Grumman plant, which manufactures explosive-neutralizing robots has increased its exports since Israel’s decision to employ its product, benefitting from weekly telephone conference calls with Israeli experts, who have shared with Northrup Grumman their operational lessons. Israel is to the U.S. defense industry what a triple-A tenant is to a shopping mall – enhancing value and drawing clients.


Understanding the Volatile and Dangerous Middle East by Steven Carol Reviewed by David Isaac

Mark Twain famously said, “If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you’re misinformed.” So distorted is the news coverage about the Middle East today, you’re better off uninformed. Whether in the media or academia, treatment of the topic drips with anti-Israel bias and historical ignorance. Dr. Steven Carol’s new book Understanding the Volatile and Dangerous Middle East is a necessary antidote. The purpose of the book, according to Dr. Carol, is to “combat the mistaken beliefs, misrepresentations, and outright fabrications that have been perpetrated to the present.” He achieves his object in this impressive work, a nearly 1,000-page volume (with 78 historical maps the author himself made) covering virtually every aspect of the Middle East, from the Arab-Jewish conflict to the history of the Kurds, Sharia law, Islamic culture, and more.

Understanding the Volatile and Dangerous Middle East succeeds both as a reference work and an entertaining read. Even those knowledgeable about Middle East history will learn from this book. For instance, did you know that the secret signal for Egyptian forces to seize the Suez Canal was “Ferdinand de Lesseps” – the name of the chief engineer in the construction of the canal? Egyptian President Nasser embedded the signal in a speech he gave at Mansheyya Square in Alexandria on July 26, 1956. He repeated it “fourteen times in the space of 10 minutes,” Dr. Carol relates, which is amusing as it suggests Nasser didn’t trust his forces to get the message.

It isn’t surprising that the book is filled with such tidbits for Dr. Carol has spent a lifetime studying his subject. The author of six books, including Middle East Rules of Thumb, he will be most familiar to Arizona residents, where he has taught at the high school, college and graduate levels and is the official historian of the Sunday radio program “The Middle East Radio Forum.” He is also Middle East consultant to the Salem Radio Network.


The ADL Turns Anti-Israel, Whitewashing BDS and Ignoring anti-Semitism Daniel Greenfield

Editor’s note: We must take issue with Greenfield on one point, his statement that ADL has always been “a sell-out organization.” The watershed year was 1987 when the leadership passed to Abe Foxman. Indeed, from 1979-87, under the leadership of Nathan Perlmutter, there was no more staunch defender of Jews and Israel than ADL. In those years the ADL cooperated closely with AFSI, especially in helping to fund and distribute its monographs. ADL in those years also operated an extensive intelligence network on anti-Israel and anti-Semitic extremism in the United States, which it shared with law enforcement (hobbled by the Church Committee hearings) and with pro-Israel activists.

A few years ago, the Syrian American Council sponsored a tour by Sheik Mohammad Rateb al-Nabulsi who had called for the murder of all the Jews.

“Allah has made it a duty to fight them and wage Jihad against them,” he had declared. It was not “permissible under Sharia” to make peace with the Jews. Instead the Muslims were obligated to “fight them, to shed their blood, and wage perpetual Jihad.”

“All the Jewish people are combatant,” he ranted. They could all be killed.

The chairman of the SAC, Hussam Ayloush described Jews as “Zionazis” and refused to condemn Hamas.

Despite that, HIAS allied with the Syrian American Council in its push for the migration of Syrian Muslims. And the ADL chose to invite Omar Hossino of the SAC to speak at its National Leadership Summit.

The ADL is no stranger to strange alliances with Islamist groups through its Interfaith Coalition on Mosques which harasses local communities into acceding to the construction of Islamist institutions. But under its new leader Jonathan Greenblatt, an Obama associate, the organization has also been opening doors to anti-Israel groups across the spectrum.


On David Raziel, Killed in Action on May 20, 1941: David Green

As head of an underground Jewish resistance group, David Raziel had been pursued by the British. Come World War II, he would offer his help.

On May 20, 1941, David Raziel, commander of the Etzel – the Jewish underground militia in Palestine affiliated with Revisionist Zionism – was killed while leading a commando mission in Iraq for the British army.

In its early years, the Etzel, the acronym of Irgun Tzvai Leumi – literally “national military organization” –treated the British Mandatory government in Palestine as an enemy. But after World War II started, Etzel made common cause with the British, which is how it was that Raziel was asked to assemble a team to travel to Iraq. Its mission was to destroy the oil refineries west of the capital, which were supplying the Germans with fuel critical for their war effort.

Raziel was born David Rozenson on December 19, 1910, in Smorgon, in modern-day Belarus. His father was Mordecai Rozenson, a Hebrew teacher, and his mother the former Bluma Gordin. The family, which also included a sister, Esther, were Zionists, and spoke Hebrew in their home. When Mordecai was offered a position teaching at the Tachkemoni School, in Tel Aviv, in 1914, they immigrated there, if not for long.

During World War I, the Turkish rulers of the Land of Israel exiled Russian-born residents, whom they considered enemy aliens, to Egypt. This happened to the Rozensons too, and they went back to Russia, only to return to Israel in 1923.

David studied at his father’s school, graduating in 1928, when he moved to Jerusalem to attend the Merkaz Harav yeshiva, where his hevruta (study partner) was Zvi Yehuda Kook, son of chief rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook. At the same time, he was a student at the Hebrew University.


Losing the War of Words : Ruth King

This month will mark the 49th anniversary of the Six-Day War, fought between June 5 and 10, 1967 by Israel against the neighboring states of Egypt, Jordan, and Syria. It was a war intended to annihilate Israel as stated clearly by Gamal Abdul Nasser in 1965: “We shall not enter Palestine with its soil covered in sand; we shall enter it with its soil saturated in blood.” His threats were echoed by then Syrian Minister of Defense Hafez al Assad who was to become Syria’s President: “Our forces are now entirely ready not only to repulse the aggression, but to initiate the act of liberation itself, and to explode the Zionist presence in the Arab homeland. The Syrian army, with its finger on the trigger, is united. As a military man, I believe that the time has come to enter into a battle of annihilation.”

In their jihadist agenda they received the blessings of the entire Arab world. President Abdur Rahman Aref of Iraq exulted: “The existence of Israel is an error which must be rectified. This is our opportunity to wipe out the ignominy which has been with us since 1948. Our goal is clear — to wipe Israel off the map.”

King Hussein of Jordan, the pluckier papa of the present King Abdullah, was repeatedly asked by Israel’s leaders to stay out of the war, but anxious to shore up his standing in the Arab League he signed a defense pact with Egypt and joined the war against Israel. As a result, he lost control of the West Bank and Jerusalem.

The rest is history. Israel won a decisive victory, inspiring pride and confidence in Diaspora Jews, respect and admiration from military and defense experts throughout the world, and resolve among dissidents in the Soviet Union who organized a powerful army of “refuseniks.”

The 1967 war was won in battle but lost in the war of words. Israel’s media and leaders immediately referred to Judea and Samaria as “occupied territory,” and its Arab inhabitants as “Palestinians.”

After defeat, the Arabs and their protagonists replaced the emphasis on refugees with a myth of victimization under “occupation” by Israel. The media, academics, and politicians bought into the lies and “occupation” is now the buzzword for the morally degenerate boycott and divest movements ostensibly seeking “justice” for the Palestinian Arabs.


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