Farewell Message to Readers Rael Jean Isaac and Ruth King

To everything there is a season….and we have decided to turn over all future publications of Mideast Outpost to the competent office staff of Americans for a Safe Israel.

For close to fifty years, Outpost has provided editorials and articles that evoke the Zionist spirit and mandate of AFSI–even when we stood alone and clung to Kipling’s words “If you can keep your head when all about you/ Are losing theirs…”

While others were swooning over Sadat, AFSI stood alone in exposing the content of his overture and in denouncing the Camp David Treaty. Apparently we were the only ones who listened to the actual words of his much-applauded speech in the Knesset.  Yes, he had bravely broken Arab taboos in coming to Israel but this is what he said: “I hail the Israeli voices that called for the recognition of the Palestinian People’s rights to achieve and safeguard peace. Here I tell you, ladies and gentlemen, that it is no use to refrain from recognizing the Palestinian People and their rights to statehood and rights of return.” These are precisely the demands Abbas makes (and Israel rightly rejects): a state and the right to return for the millions of those calling themselves refugees (there are actually only about 30,000 surviving Arab refugees from the 1948 war).  Demanding the “right of return”, whether by Sadat or Abbas, is  calling for Israel’s destruction as a Jewish state.

We were pioneers (before CAMERA came along to do an excellent job in this area) in exposing media bias against Israel. In our documentary NBC Goes to Lebanon we used footage from hundreds of broadcasts. We singled out NBC not because it was alone among the networks in its naked bias, but because its coverage of the Lebanon War was the worst. We denounced the fake journalism that produced fake history of the Arab/Israeli conflict long before these terms were in vogue.

Moreover, from the outset we opposed the Oslo Accords, which conceded Israel’s legal, historical and religious claims to Judea and Samaria, the heart of historic Israel.  We were proven right when the infamous accords led to the longest and bloodiest spree of terrorism against Israeli civilians. That included babies in bundling, children in strollers, diners in cafes, celebrants at Passover Seders, shoppers in markets, all of tehm murdered and scandalously called “casualties of peace” by then Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.

We correctly warned that so called “tough love” criticism of Israel by Jews would only promote international anti-Semitism. Over the last forty years we have exposed the enemies of Israel from within (by those self-righteously posing as representatives of a higher ‘prophetic’ Jewish morality) from Breira and its successor the New Jewish Agenda to the more recent New Israel Fund, J Street and, worst of the lot, Jewish Voices for Peace.

While there is no joy in having been right, it is important that for all these years there has been a voice for sanity when, sadly, almost all well-meaning Jews (and Jewish organizations) have rushed to support one ill-thought out proposal after another that  supposedly advanced peace but actually in the long run threatened Israel’s survival.

There remains much to celebrate. The Jewish people have survived millennia of persecution and genocide and here we are in the unbroken chain from Abraham and Sarah in Hebron.

AFSI has been a valuable link in that chain and we are proud of our participation.

To our readers and supporters we wish a happy and sweet Passover. And we wish a peaceful Easter to all Christians with particular concerns for those who suffer daily harassment, persecution and murder in the Arab nations.

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Article by Ruth King

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