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Bensoussan: The Verdict

Last month we reported on the trial of Georges Bensoussan, the Jewish Moroccan born historian brought to trial in a French court on the charge of “incitement of racial hatred” for having paraphrased the words of Smain Laacher, an Algerian Moslem sociologist.  The sociologist had said that Moslems were taught by their parents from a very young age to despise Jews; Bensoussan, in a TV debate, quoted Laacher as saying they sucked in anti-Jewish prejudice “with mother’s milk.”

That a Moslem outfit would bring suit on the grounds Benoussan was claiming anti-Israel hatred was genetic in Moslems, while absurd, goes with the territory.  What made us draw attention to the case was that all France’s avowed “anti-racist” organizations joined in the lawsuit against Bensoussan, including—and this is worthy of being included in Ripley’s Believe It or Not– the Jewish International League Against Racism and Anti-Semitism (LICRA). (Incidentally, the fact that Bensoussan is a leftist, a member of J Call, a movement promoting “creation of a viable Palestinian state” did not protect him from the “anti-racist” pack.)

On March 7 the court ruled to acquit Bensoussan.  Although the wording differed, the judges said, “the idea expressed by Smain Laacher is almost the same, or even identical to that expressed by Georges Bensoussan.” It’s a mark of the ridiculous lengths to which protection of Moslem sensitivities have gone that the ruling is considered a key moment for freedom of speech in France.

The Islamist Collective Against Islamaphobia (CCIF) has vowed to appeal.  It remains to be seen if LICRA will sink to yet more shameful depths by joining that appeal.


Et Tu, Canada

The same insanity pervading France is apparent in our northern neighbor.

On the website TruthRevolt M.J. Randolph reports that a group of Canadians took signs and banners to a mosque in downtown Toronto to protest what the imam within was preaching: namely the  desire that Jews be killed one by one.  The police reaction?  To announce they were investigating the protestors.  Constable Allyson Douglas-Cook explained to the Canadian Broadcasting Company Toronto that the police wondered if the protesters had perpetrated a hate crime.

This venture into the other side of the looking glass fell flat when it turned out someone inside the mosque had filmed the proceedings including the injunction: “Spare not one of them.”  The police decided not to pursue the protesters.  No word, Randolph notes, about investigating the people inside the mosque (although advocating genocide is a criminal code offense in Canada).


A Soft Boycott

In this space we often provide examples of Israeli medical achievements from Michael Ordman’s blog Amazing Israel.  A revolutionary treatment for prostate cancer called Tookad (activated by light), the result of over fifteen years of research by Avigdor Scherz and Yoram Salomon at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovoth, has now made news around the world. It uses lasers and a drug made from deep sea bacteria to eliminate tumors without causing severe side effects. Trials on 413 men, published in The Lancet Oncology, showed nearly half had no remaining trace of cancer.

Scherz and Salomon

But as Stephen Pollard reports in The Jewish Chronicle, while the BBC made much of the discovery, there was something missing in the story—where the research was done.  He calls it “the soft-boycott strategy.” It’s a step below the BDS movement, with its nakedly anti-Semitic singling out the Jewish homeland alone in the world for boycott; instead it ignores anything remotely positive about Israel.  Writes Pollard: “So the huge and entirely disproportionate number of Israeli scientific breakthroughs are reported as if they have simply happened by magic, with their Israeli origins ignored.”  The Weizmann Institute only managed an understated complaint to The Jewish Chronicle.  “We were naturally disappointed that the media coverage of game-changing treatment for prostate cancer managed to avoid any reference to Israeli scientists’ fundamental role in this breakthrough treatment.”


A Christian Voice from Nazareth

The only Middle Eastern state in which the Christian population is growing is Israel.  You’d never guess this from the loudest Christian voices coming from the Middle East, which are venomously anti-Israel.  That includes the Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center, which plays a central theological role for pro-Palestinian campaigns in churches worldwide and the Bethlehem Bible College, whose biennial conferences “Christ at the Checkpoint” are devoted to demonizing Israel.

Which makes it all the more refreshing when someone rejects the miasma of self-destructive hatred to speak up simply and honestly.  Father Gabriel Naddaf of Nazareth, speaking at the annual Proclaiming Justice to the Nations International Prayer and Dinner event for Israel at the World Center in Orlando, Florida, declared: “As one of the few surviving Christians in the Middle East, I praise God daily for the blessing of being able to call myself an Israeli.”


Suicidal Jewish Leaders

Jews are also awash in self-destructive  leaders, lay and spiritual.  Here are some excerpts from Isi Leibler’s  warning about their impact.  (Leibler was a leader in the campaign for Soviet Jewry and until his resignation in 2004 Chairman of the Governing Board of the World Jewish Congress.)

“Today, in what must be described as self-destruction, a substantial number of irresponsible leaders of the most successful and powerful Jewish diaspora community seem to have gone berserk and are fueling anti-Semitism….

“The facts are that liberal Jewish leaders have declared a hysterical war against the Trump administration.  Led initially by the Anti-Defamation League but rapidly joined by the Reform and Conservative wings of the Jewish community, many Jewish community leaders have exploited their positions to endorse a vicious campaign in which Trump is portrayed as a satanic anti-Semite promoting fascism and racism, representing the antithesis of Jewish values. This, despite the reality that his presidency highlights an unprecedented acceptance of Jews at the highest levels of government. …

“[S]ome progressive rabbis, usually without a mandate from their constituency, organized fasts and days of mourning in their synagogues and, donning prayer shawls and kippot, they paraded at the forefront of anti-Trump demonstrations that vulgarly undermined the presidency, emphasizing that their political stance was a product of their religious Jewish values.  Furthermore they supported and participated in demonstrations led and hijacked by vicious anti-Israel Muslim activists such as Linda Sarsour and even convicted Palestinian terrorist Rasmea Odeh. In a similar vein, the ADL continues to promote Black Lives Matter despite its hatred of Israel and support for the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement.

“The reality is that today, the prime global anti-Semitic threat emanates not from neo-Nazis but from the witches brew of far-left and Muslim anti-Jewish incitement, which has transformed many American university campuses into hotbeds of anti-Semitism….

“A large proportion of Trump supporters are Christian evangelicals whose passionate support for Israel more than compensates for liberal Jews who are more concerned about Muslims, a substantial proportion of whom hate and would kill Jews, endorse jihadism and support the destruction of the Jewish state.  Obviously, witnessing Jews purporting to be upholding Jewish values by engaging directly in the demonization of their president must outrage them….

“Unless this tide of official Jewish anti-Trump demonization is reversed or halted, there will be major long-term negative ramifications on the standing and influence of the American Jewish community.”



It’s not only Israel that makes “the world community” turn reality on its head (in the case of Israel by treating it as the world’s chief oppressor). Tony Thomas in the Australian journal Quadrant describes how the Australia Academy of Sciences seeks to suppress information harmful to climate change alarmism on the assumption, in the words of one of its officers “any adverse findings do great damage to the credibility of climate scientists as a whole, especially in the current climate of almost religious opposition to the acceptance of climate change science.”

It’s hard to imagine a neater reversal of reality.  Climate change is at bottom a religious millenarian movement, a version of the apocalyptic visions that Thomas Costain describes in The Last Plantagenets: “Fear of the end of the world hung heavy over the people of medieval days. It was coming to pass soon. Its imminence was preached from every pulpit and all the expected signs were being detected in earth and sky and in the course of human events.” Today’s apocalypse differs only from its many forebears in its scientific veneer, making it acceptable to the modern mind.  But disproof (of which there is already much, for example, the failure of the predicted climate cataclysms to come to pass) is not likely to dissuade the climate faithful any time soon.  Benjamin Franklin remarked after a commission investigating Mesmerism demonstrated that the then hugely influential “treatment” was a fraud: “Some think it will put an end to Mesmerism but there is a wonderful deal of credulity in the world and deceptions as absurd have supported themselves for ages.”


Origins of the Second Intifada

It is still an article of faith in the media that the Second Intifada of 2000 was the result of Ariel Sharon’s “provocative” visit to the Temple Mount.  So it is worth revisiting Matthew Kaminski’s interview with former Mossad spy Mosab Hassan Yousef, better known as The Green Prince, in the Wall Street Journal of March 6, 2010.  Yousef was dubbed the Green Prince in the Mossad because green was the color of Hamas and as the son of the imam Sheikh Yousef, a founder of the organization, he was Hamas royalty.  From Kaminski’s account: “According to Mr. Yousef, Arafat decided he needed another uprising to win back international attention [after he had turned down Israel’s offer of statehood on 90% of the West Bank with East Jerusalem as its capital at Camp David].  So he sought out Hamas’s support through Sheikh Yousef, writes his son, who accompanied him to Arafat’s compound. Those meetings took place before the Palestinian authorities found a pretext for the second Intifada. It came when future Prime Minister Ariel Sharon visited the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.”

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