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French Jewish Dhimmis

Incredibly, the French Jewish defense organization LICRA (International League against Racism and anti-Semitism) has joined the Islamist CCIF (Collective against Islamophobia) in a lawsuit against well-known Jewish historian Georges Bensoussan, an expert on the history of Jews in Arab countries. They’ve been joined in the suit by other so-called “anti-racist” organizations including the venerable French Human Rights League.

The absurd grounds for Bensoussan’s prosecution?  In a radio debate he praised an Algerian sociologist, Smain Laacher, for his courage in saying in a documentary on France’s Channel 3 that, while no one was willing to say it openly, among Arab families in France anti-Semitism “is sucked with mother’s milk.”   It turned out this was actually  a paraphrase of what Laacher had said—he had spoken of the way Muslim children from a very young age were taught by their parents to despise Jews.  The phrase “sucked with mother’s milk” was clearly another way of saying the same thing but the “anti-racist” fraternity chose to interpret it, as French journalist Yves Mamou reports, not as “a metaphor for cultural anti-Semitism transmitted through education” but as a “genetic” accusation, i.e. Muslims literally inherit anti-Semitism. Ergo Bensoussan is tried for “racism.”

What a difference a year makes.  Mamou points out that in 2016 Alain Jakubowitz, president of LICRA, had denounced the phony anti-racist wars, saying: “Today, CCIF is the leading anti-racist organization. This is terrifying. [They are] not against anti-Semitism, because they do not care. This is not the question for them.”

Unbelievably, a year later a dhimmified LICRA was sitting in court side by side with CCIF for this nonsensical show trial. Mamou reports that philosopher Alain Finkielkraut  has resigned from LICRA in protest.  Appearing in court in defense of Bensoussan Finkielkraut declared: “A rogue anti-racism makes you criminalize a concern instead of fighting the cause of this concern. If the court [finds against the defendant] it will be a moral and an intellectual catastrophe.”  Judgment will be rendered March 7.


“I Am a Muslim Too”

There are an abundance of Jews in the United States who manifest an equally boundless stupidity.  Some of them showed up for an “I Am a Muslim Too” demonstration at Times Square on Feb. 19 protesting President Trump’s effort to ban temporarily  Muslims from seven failed states (except Iran, we should be so lucky).  It was under the auspices of something called Foundation for Ethnic Understanding headed by Rabbi Marc Schneier, whose mission is apparently to outdo his father Rabbi Arthur Schneier in feel-good interfaith pursuits.  Schneier proclaimed to those assembled: “We must join together at the most famous crossroads in the world to make a collective statement that wherever my Muslim brothers and sisters are vilified, discriminated against or victimized by hate crimes and violence ‘Today I am a Muslim too.’”

The title may turn out to be prophetic.  Bring enough Muslims to this country and the only way Jews will survive here is if they in fact become “Muslims too.”


London’s Hypocrite-Mayor

London’s Muslim mayor Sadiq Khan is so virtuously indignant over President Trump’s  travel ban that he demanded the government rescind Prime Minister Theresa May’s invitation to him.  Mere hours after making this demand he welcomed dignitaries from 11 Muslim countries to a reception at City Hall, despite the fact that all of them refuse admission to holders of Israeli passports.  It took the outspoken Nigel Farage to tell Khan off: “You want Trump banned from UK but are happy with anti-Israeli discrimination. You are a hypocrite.”


A Good Use for Security Council Resolution 2334

Kenneth Levin points out that the appalling Security Council Resolution that the U.S. permitted to pass in Obama’s final onslaught against Israel has a lever that Israel could use to its benefit. Pretending to uphold “balance” Secretary of State Kerry had insisted that the resolution also call for refraining from “incitement and inflammatory rhetoric.”

Levin notes that what was intended as a fig leaf can be put to good purpose.  Under terms of the resolution the Secretary General is to report to the Council every three months on progress in its implementation.  The intent of course was just to focus on Israeli settlements. But, as Levin writes, “the quarterly reports called for in 2334 can be used by America’s newly appointed United Nations ambassador Nikki Haley and her staff to important effect. They can insist on the reports’ inclusion of a comprehensive catalogue of Palestinian incitement, provocation and promotion of and support for terror—a catalogue that can be measured against information gleaned from monitoring sources such as Palestinian Media Watch. They can in this way use their UN platform to bring into focus, finally teachable truths that for far too long have been ignored and gone unlearned, thereby potentially helping address the major obstacle to genuine peace.”

If Haley follows through on this excellent advice—and she has had an outstanding debut in denouncing the UN’s anti-Israel obsessions—the Arabs may soon decide to bury Resolution 2234 along with innumerable other forgotten UN resolutions.


Haley’s Comet

That’s the term a New York Sun editorial uses to describe U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley’s first dazzling press briefing.  Emerging from her first regular monthly Security Council meeting on Middle East issues she described it as “a bit strange.”  The meeting did not discuss Hezbollah’s illegal buildup of rockets in Lebanon, it was not about Iran’s providing money and weapons to terrorists, it was not concerned with defeating ISIS, it was not about holding Bashar al-Assad accountable for massive civilian deaths.  “No,” said Haley, “instead the meeting focused on criticizing Israel, the one true democracy in the Middle East. I am new around here, but I understand that’s how the Council has operated month after month for decades. I am here to say the United States will not turn a blind eye to this anymore.”  “The double standards,” declared Ambassador Haley, “are breathtaking.”


Swedish Policeman Erupts on Facebook

Peter Springare

It’s so unthinkable it’s being called the “Swedish spring,” a wave of support for a cop who blew the whistle on the devastating effects mass immigration has had on Sweden.  So writes Paul Joseph Watson on a British website.  On his Facebook page veteran Swedish police officer Peter Springare warned “Our pensioners are on their knees, schools are in chaos, health care is an inferno, police have been completely destroyed.”  Acknowledging his post was not politically correct, Springare used a crude expression to say he could not care less.  The crimes he was processing, rape, assault, violence against police, drug trafficking and murder, were almost exclusively committed by someone named “Mohammed” or a variant of that name.

Watson reports Springare is backed up by another courageous cop, Gothenburg police officer Tomas Asenlov, who revealed that cops are told to implement Code 291 rules to hide “all information about the immigration-related crime.”

Not surprisingly, when his Facebook posting received media attention (after it won 130,000 “likes” in the space of a week) Springare was hit with an internal police investigation for “racial agitation.”

The groundswell of support for Springare suggests the mood in Sweden may be changing. On Tucker Carlson’s program on Fox News, filmmaker Ami Horowitz (who barely escaped with his life after being assaulted by a gang of Muslim men while filming in Stockholm) declared that the majority of Swedes still backed the government’s policy of welcoming Muslim immigrants and bestowing upon them generous benefits.

The ultimate comment on Sweden today (reported by Watson) is that some Somali immigrants are considering returning home, saying that areas of some Swedish cities are more dangerous than their notorious homeland!


Michael Ordman on Amazing Israel

Israeli biotech company ARTSaVIT is developing a treatment based on the research of Dr. Sarit Larisch of Haifa University who discovered a protein missing in tumors that regulate cell death.

In the latest trials the NeuroAD cranical device from Israel’s Neuronix slowed the progression of Alzheimers in 85% of patients in the early stages of the disease.  The treatment is now being used commercially in Britain.

Former British police officer Nicki Donnelly, paralyzed in 2009, can walk again thanks to a ReWalk exoskeleton.

Scientists at the Hebrew University have discovered some surprising characteristics of bacteria.  When phage-resistant bacteria are in close contact with phage-sensitive bacteria the resistant bacteria lose their resistance.  This discovery can help research into antibiotic resistance.

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