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Democrats  Against Ambassador David Friedman

As Daniel Greenfield sums up: “On March 23, 2017 Senators had a simple choice to make.  On one side was J Street, an anti-Israel pressure group that had hosted BDS activists and opposed Israel’s right to defend itself. On the other was Ambassador David Friedman, the first pro-Israel nominee in decades.”  With only two exceptions, Robert Menendez of New Jersey and Joe Manchin of West Virginia, Democratic Senators (including Chuck Schumer to his everlasting disgrace) voted monolithically for J Street and against Ambassador Friedman.  To quote Greenfield: “There could hardly be a better demonstration of the descent into the fever swamps of anti-Israel politics than their decision to stand with an anti-Israel hate group whose Muslim-led student arm is waging war on campuses against the Zionist ‘occupation.’“

Thanks to firm Republican support, Friedman’s appointment  was confirmed.  But, as Greenfield says, Senate Democrats ought to be made to answer why they stand with George Soros (major funder of J Street who described his role in the Holocaust as “the most exciting time of my life”) and the PLO against Israel.

A Pioneering Israeli Blood Test

In this space we often provide examples of Israeli medical advances, usually culled from Michael Ordman’s blog Amazing Israel.  Now Israeli researchers have come up with a blood test that holds out hope of saving the lives of  victims of one of the most deadly forms of cancer.  Every year roughly 1.8 million new lung cancer patients are diagnosed, 1.59 million of whom will die within a year.  The problem is that most cases are discovered by chance and too late to alter the outcome.  The new test diagnoses the disease long before it spreads, greatly improving the odds. Within two years it is hoped the test will be marketed and available to those at high risk (e.g. heavy smokers, those with family histories of the disease).  Dr. Elon Ganor, one of the developers of the test, told YNet Daily: “We developed the test here in Israel. We dreamed of making a significant contribution to humanity and saving lives, and we are convinced that this test will indeed save hundreds of thousands of people every year worldwide.”

Campus Morality Morphs into Antisemitism

British public affairs analyst Douglas Murray points out the inevitable destination of the new form of “morality in education” that is sweeping the academy, based on the notion that the truth of an opinion is determined by who utters it. On this view, “privileges” exist that preclude some from being worth listening to, while minorities merit special protection from their speech.

Writes Murray: “When you consistently break down a society along racial and sectarian lines…there is bound to be a group that must in the end lose out…Sure enough, the same month that [far left] Angela Davis was applauded [on campus] and [Canadian psychology professor Jordan] Peterson and [Charles] Murray were silenced, some pamphlets turned up on campus at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Like so many leaflets before them, these talked about the scourge of ‘privilege.’  And who did these pamphlets identify as the people with the most privilege? Why, the Jews of course. Or, as the pamphlets put it, ‘Ending white privilege…starts with ending Jewish privilege.’  As with the Occupy Wall Street movement a few years ago, which also ended up with anti-Semitism at its core, who could seriously not have seen that this would be where all this would end?  At present, the people who preach tolerance in the United States and Canada are turning out to be the least tolerant.  And the people who complain of discrimination turn out to be opening the door to practitioners of the oldest discrimination of all.”


Whither French Jews?

Whatever the results of the French election, the answer for increasing numbers is likely to be “out of France.”  Toulouse, the city where a Muslim terrorist killed a rabbi, two of his children and a little girl in front of a Jewish school, has seen an especially large number of Jewish departures.  After the attack 300 Jewish families left the city.  One of those who went to Israel, Jean-Michel Cohen, who had been one of the first to run to the scene of the massacre, says from Tel Aviv: “It is a paradise for us.  Here we are safe. My children walk to school.  We have no concern for them.”

While French Jewish leaders have focused their fears on a victory by Marine LePen, they may well have more to fear from Emanuel Macron.  Italian journalist Giulio Meotti writes: “If Emanuel Macron wins, France as we have known it can be considered pretty much over.  Macron is, for example, against taking away French nationality from jihadists. Terrorism, Islam and security are almost absent from Macron’s vocabulary and platform, and he is in favor of lowering France’s state of emergency.  By blaming ‘colonialism’ for French troubles in the Arab world, and calling it ‘a crime against humanity’, he has effectively legitimized Muslim extremist violence against the French republic.” Since violence against Jews in France is overwhelmingly by Muslims, welcoming more EU-sanctioned “humanitarian” waves of Muslim immigrants and pandering to Muslim sensitivities means creating conditions increasingly intolerable for the Jewish community.

Not that hostility to vital Jewish interests is confined to Muslims.  The French government is a massive contributor of funds to organizations dedicated to Israel’s destruction.  In theory, France prohibits any form of boycott against Israel.  In practice, a recently released NGO Monitor report reveals that the French government contributes large sums to NGOs that promote boycott campaigns against Israel, and include personnel that equate Israel with Nazi Germany and are tied to Hezbollah, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and similar outfits.  French journalist Yves Mamou writes: “NGO Monitor’s meticulous report reveals that France is no friend of Israel but more and more of a prime mover in the war against Israel to delegitimize it.”

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