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Migrant Crime Wave in Germany

According to Germany’s annual crime report, compiled by the Federal Crime Bureau, migrant crime rose over 50% in the last year to comprise more than a quarter of all crimes. Germany based journalist Vijeta Uniyal reports that the figures are the more alarming because of the narrow definition the German government uses of “criminal migrant,” excluding “foreigners who have been living and working in Germany for some time.”  The new migrants make up less than 2% of the population but 9% of the criminal population.  Moreover they are not merely engaged in petty crime but dominate serious and violent crime in Germany with nearly 15% of all those charged with serious bodily harm coming from this group.  The German government’s response is to find ways to minimize not only reporting but actual arrests.  For example Uniyal reports that the Berlin government prohibits law enforcement agencies from using video surveillance on the grounds it violates “civil rights.”  The result is rampant but unreported lawlessness, especially in the city’s “no-go zones.”  Meanwhile officials blithely spin and lie: “Refugees aren’t more criminal than Germans” and “migrants hardly committed any sexual assaults” declared a senior official of the Ministry of the Interior last summer.

It was impossible to hush up last year’s Christmas market attack in which a Tunisian migrant murdered 12 people and injured dozens more by driving a truck loaded with steel beams into a busy Christmas market. But it was telling, as Uniyal observes, that the Merkel government categorized those killed and injured as victims of a “traffic accident.”


Dismembering Israel, Peace by Peace

Since Israel’s creation, the only way the “world community” has been able to conceive of achieving peace is by dismembering Israel.  It is generally forgotten that before 1967 (while Israel was within the armistice borders of 1949) the Eisenhower administration proposed that Israel give up part of the Negev for “peace.”  Since 1967, the peace proposals advanced by successive U.S. governments have all involved Israel’s returning to the old green line (at best with “minor” adjustments thrown in).  It doesn’t matter if the administration is friendly  to Israel (e.g. Reagan, George W. Bush) or hostile (none more so than Obama), the prescription is always the same.

Now it looks as if the current friendly administration of Donald Trump is going to go back to thumping the old, endlessly failed program.  Since September 1993, when Israel made the colossal mistake of  transforming Arafat and his terrorist PLO from irrelevant exiles in Tunisia to “peace partners” Israel has been hiving off control of territory (most recently Gaza) only to produce vastly more terror.  The “peace partner” is now Abbas to whom Trump is making friendly approaches.

But Abbas has rejected all proposed peace deals that do not include the right of return (i.e. the end of the Jewish state).  As Caroline Glick points out “any hypothetical deal a hypothetical Palestinian leader would accept, would endanger Israel’s very existence.  So in the unlikely event that he [Trump] reaches ‘the deal,’ his achievement would imperil Israel, rather than protect it.”

With the Middle East in chaos, the Arab-Israel conflict should go to the back burner where it belongs.   That seems to have been Trump’s first instinct and the right one.


Kaiser Wilhelm to “My Beloved Jews”

The following (translated by Erich Isaac) is from Sammy Gronemann’s  Hawdoloh und Zapfenshtreich published In 1924.  Gronemann, a well-known Jewish writer, served as a translator of documents—into Yiddish—in the German army during the First World War on the eastern front.   Given the transformation of attitudes barely a decade later, all one can say  is “No Comment.”


To my Dear Jews
The Tsar at the Kishinev Cemetery
This satiric flyer was dropped by the High Command of the German Army over Jewish populations making fun of the Tsarist professions of friendship to the Jews.

“In the first years of the war there was pure jubilation with the discovery of the Jews of Eastern Europe as the guardians of German nature and speech.  There were enthusiastic songs of praise concerning their loyalty.  And a collection of German literati (not confined to Jews) proved in profound discourses that the Eastern European Jews are actually genuine, true Germans–stubborn, tough and loyal bearers of German culture, committed defenders of German peoplehood through centuries of Slavic oppression. In the imperial headquarters a beautifully bound manifesto on this matter was accepted with enthusiasm. Emperor Wilhelm’s first impulse was to free all Eastern European Jews who were prisoners of war.

Fortunately this decision was countermanded for it would have cost the life of thousands of Russian Jewish soldiers [whom the Russians would have considered traitors]. Such names as Silberfarb and Mandelstamm, which used to be the subject of ironic marks by Reichs-Chancellor Bulow, now became symbols of Jewish-German loyalty and the word “Ostjude” was highly esteemed in the eyes of German nationalist patriots.  It became a real political effort.  Field Marshal Hindenburg and His Excellency Ludendorff distributed (including by plane) leaflets in Yiddish to the Jews of Lithuania and Poland which proclaimed the liberation of oppressed Russian Jews from the Tsarist yoke by the freedom and Jew-friendly German armies and the tight relationship and spiritual connection of Germans and Jews.  Briefly it looked as if Kaiser Wilhelm had mobilized his army especially to save his much loved Eastern European Jews.”

Deborah Lipstadt Slips Up

Deborah Lipstadt has performed a huge service to Jews by standing up against Holocaust denial  in the inhospitable venue of a British court.  With the movie Denial her achievement has reached a wide audience.  It is thus unfortunate that she muddles her important message—all is not relative for there are truths and facts and they are currently under assault—by inserting current climate change orthodoxy as one of those inescapable truths and facts.  Dangerous manmade climate change is a fashionable opinion, not a proven scientific truth and to treat “denial” of it as equivalent to holocaust denial is not only to play into the hands of the apocalyptic cultists but, by insisting highly dubious propositions are unchallengeable truths, to undercut her message.

Penis-Caused Climate Change

In a demonstration that no absurdity is too great for the climate change (and gender studies) faithful, an “academic” paper written as a hoax was duly “peer reviewed” (the reviewers gave it highest marks) and published by a journal called Cogent Social Sciences. Among other things, the paper, entitled “The Conceptual Penis as a Social Structure” claimed the penis caused global warming.  The authors, philosophy professor Peter Boghossian at Portland State University and James Lindsay, who has a doctorate in math, were careful to load the paper with phrases showing anti-male bias, on the assumption that “gender studies is crippled academically by an overriding almost-religious belief that maleness is the root of all evil.” (Among those evils climate change of course looms large.)  Rick Moran,  writing about the hoax in American Thinker,  notes that the authors  stuffed the paper with jargon and nonsense (e.g. arguing that hypermasculine men are both inside and outside of certain discourses at the same time) and red-flag phrases (like “pre-post-patriarchal society”).  The authors say: “After completing the paper, we read it carefully to ensure it didn’t say anything meaningful, and as neither one of us could determine what it is actually about, we deemed it a success.”

Boghossian’s conclusion? “The academy is overrun by left wing zealots preaching dangerous nonsense.”  Now there’s an understatement!

New Zealand Regrets

Now they’re sorry.  New Zealand Prime Minister Bill English and new Foreign Minister Gerry Brownlee have said they want to repair the relationship with Israel following New Zealand’s co-sponsorship of the Obama-inspired infamous anti-Israel UN Security Council Resolution 2334.

At the same time Denmark, one of Europe’s chief moral preeners, is releasing $8.3 million to the Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law Secretariat.  (Nowadays “human rights” in a name is shorthand for “hate Israel.”)  And that’s certainly the case here. The Secretariat, which is based at Bir Zeit University,  and funded by the Danish, Swedish, Swiss, Norwegian and Dutch governments, passes the money to Palestinian NGOs.

The hypocrisy is rank. Although all the funding countries claim to oppose the Boycott, Divest and Sanction movement, NGO Monitor reports that 65% of Secretariat funding goes to NGOs that are BDS leaders.  Secretary of State Kerry was widely ridiculed for saying “I was for the Iraq war before I was against it.”  European countries do him one better—they are against BDS while they simultaneously fund it.  And unlike New Zealand’s leadership, which expresses regret for what it did, no one should hold their breath waiting for these shameless countries to change their ways.

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