Israel Bars BDS Activists

In the December 2017 Outpost, we congratulated Israel for refusing to grant entry permits to a delegation of 20 members of the EU and French Parliaments who supported a boycott of Israel and planned to meet with convicted terrorist Marwan Barghouti in prison. Israel, and specifically her Strategic Affairs Minister Gilad Erdan, was finally refusing to accept its hitherto passive role as a punching bag for phony “human rights” outfits (for more on them see the article “Human Rights Groups: The World’s Most Potent Evil Doers” in this issue).

Now the Algemeiner reports that Erdan has followed up with a list of twenty groups (20 seems to be a magic number) whose entry will be barred by the Interior Ministry. American groups on the list include the American Friends Service Committee (on which over twenty years ago AFSI published a pamphlet by sociologist David Kirk whose subtitle said it all—Good People and Dirty Work).  Also on the list are Students for Justice in Palestine and Jewish Voice for Peace, a viciously anti-Israel group funded in part by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund. Several of the European banned groups, like The Association France Palestine Solidarité, receive taxpayer support. The European Coordination of Committees and Associations for Palestine coordinates over 40 BDS groups in Europe so the list really goes substantially beyond the official “twenty.”

The most over the top reaction has come from Rebecca Vilkomerson, who leads Jewish Voice for Peace in the U.S. In a version of the story of the man who murders his parents and claims victimhood as an orphan, Vilkomerson declares she is “personally feeling the pain of exclusion for the first time from a place that I am bound to by deep ties.”


It Happened Before

When feeling discouraged by the plethora of specifically Jewish groups undermining Israel, from Jewish Voice for Peace to the marginally less hostile J Street and New Israel Fund, it is well to remember that Jews have encountered this sort of thing before in the upbuilding of Palestine.

This hostility came dramatically to the fore in the wake of the Arab riots of 1929 in Palestine. While most Jews throughout the world were horrified, History of the Haganah (in Hebrew) reports that the declining Eastern European Jewish Bund, traditionally a foe of the Zionist enterprise, reacted with a joyful “I told you so” to the murder of Jews. “Hundreds of deaths, thousands of wounded” declared Prof. L. Hirsch, the theoretician of the Bund: “Moshavot went up in fire. Buildings raised in hope are in ruins…There isn’t any chance of an ingathering of the exiles and a Jewish state in Eretz Israel. Now after the events in Palestine, even the blind can see that.” The Central Committee of the Bund announced “The Zionists are guilty. They build their enterprise on a volcano….We Bundists warned that the Zionist enterprise will fail. We said ‘How can we join the English to oppress the Arabs?’”

Jewish Communists also celebrated. Immediately after the riots the communist Anti-Imperialist League of Berlin (with a large Jewish membership) issued a manifesto declaring “the Arab population in Palestine sees justly that the Zionist movement is the principal tool of British imperialistic exploitation of their land. With the help of the capitalistic and fascistic Zionist organization they expropriate Arab property and methodically impoverish the Arabs.” In New York. the Jewish Communist newspaper Morgen Freiheit initially reacted truthfully, calling the Arabs the aggressors. It was quickly forced to retract and with the blood of the pious Jews of Hebron and Jerusalem still fresh on the ground, Freiheit’s editor Joseph Olgin wrote “The editor of the morning issue was mistaken.” To atone, the paper started a vicious attack on the “Zionist imperialists and the crooked types of the Worker’s movement” that had joined the Second International “to organize systematically the pogrom of the Arabs in Palestine.” Topping it off, the Jewish Communists organized a major assembly and in its framework decided to establish a fund for the Arabs “hurt by the pogrom.”


“Provocative” Jews

On December 8, an anti-Israel rally was held near the American embassy in Vienna to protest President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. No surprise, the crowd chanted anti-Semitic slogans, prompting several Jewish students to hold up an Israeli flag in protest. They now face a 100 euro fine or two days in jail for “provocation.”


Merkel Mayhem

Angela Merkel is shaping up to be hands down the worst German Chancellor since the end of World War II.  Her immigration policy has paved the way for the rapid Islamization of Europe.

Less remarked has been her energy policies described by Rupert Darwall in  In the effort to meet Germany’s self-imposed target of cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2020 (compared with 1990) she has poured money into expensive wind and solar with the result that Germany’s retail electricity rates are close to three times the rates in the U.S.   Apart from the cost, Darwall notes the policy is literally insane in terms of realizing its goal of cutting emissions.  He reports that Sir John Beddington, former chief scientific adviser to the British government, lifted the lid on the scandal when he revealed that wood, much of it from North America, has provided around half the expansion of so-called renewable energy in Europe.  Burning wood releases four times as much carbon dioxide as natural gas and fifty percent more than coal.  Moreover, EU policies, Sir John argues, give a green light to developing countries for vastly greater forest removals risking “the incredibly valuable tropical forests that are not only a valuable source of biodiversity, but also form vast carbon sinks which are one of our best tools of defense against climate change.”  So renewables—given the emphasis on wood—means increasing emissions, precisely what renewables were supposed to prevent.  (Eddington points out that to supply even one third of the additional energy to meet Europe’s new 2030 target will require an amount of wood roughly equivalent to the combined harvest in the U.S. and Canada.)

Merkel (blaming economic growth) has now admitted that Germany cannot meet its 2020 goal and in the protracted talks to form a new government coalition, the major parties have dropped it despite the warning by environment ministry bureaucrats that missing the target would be a “disaster for Germany’s international reputation as a climate leader.”  Merkel’s ill-judged decision to shut down Germany’s nuclear power plants and replace them with coal has been another obstacle to reducing emissions.

The world continually stampedes into bad ideas with counter-productive consequences. The international consensus on catastrophic climate change and the insane policies that flow from it are reminiscent of the equally false consensus that the Arab-Israel conflict is the center of the Middle East’s vast array of problems and the non-existent “peace process” between Israel and Palestinian Arabs is the way to solve them.

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