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Democrats Turn Guns on Israel

The turn of the Democratic Party against Israel has been going on for decades–blithely ignored by Jewish liberals. They may not find it possible to turn a blind eye much longer.  In California, bellwether for the most foolish, destructive social and political trends that sweep the nation, the Democratic state party’s convention  last month adopted planks in support of the Boycott, Divert and Sanctions Movement.  It’s part of the party’s move to the “progressive left,” i.e. the fever swamps of moral imbecility.


Political Correctness, Polish Style

While Poland (like Hungary) is standing up to the political correctness that demands she show “solidarity” with the EU (following Germany) by taking in her “fair share” of Muslim migrants, Poland has adopted its own brand of falsifying reality. Its ruling Law and Justice Party is making it illegal to suggest that some Poles were complicit in Nazi crimes committed on Polish soil on penalty of being fined or serving up to three years in jail.

Prime Minister Netanyahu and the U.S. State Department have strongly protested the law, with Netanyahu calling it an attempt to “rewrite history.”  The bill has also had the effect of exacerbating current Polish anti-Semitism, with Warsaw based political scientist Rafal Pankowksi saying  “we’re seeing an explosion of that sentiment [anti-Semitism] in popular media mainstream.”

For political analyst and film-maker Inna Rogatchi what is most striking is what she calls “the crashing silence” of the rest of Europe.  She notes that with the exception of France, whose foreign minister called the bill “ill advised,” “the European Union countries, the European Commission, the European Parliament, the Council of Europe and the organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe have been avoiding the controversy.”  This is the more striking since Europe has been vocal in criticizing Poland ever since the Law and Justice Party took control in November 2015, claiming Warsaw has put “the rule of law and democracy” at risk.  Rogatchi writes: “When it comes to the issue of Polish anti-Semitism, however, Europe is suddenly at a loss for words.  This suggests that it is not merely ineptitude at work, but a far more worrisome trend.  It is high time for the EU and its sister bodies to take a moral stand against anti-Semitism and the rewriting of history, lest Europe’s distasteful history repeat itself.”


Amir Taheri on Arab-Israel Peace

Amir Taheri, under the Shah editor of Iran’s major newspaper Kayhan, and currently chairman of the Gatestone Institute, Europe, has written an interesting article in Asharq Al Awsat, the international Arab paper published in London.

Taheri says that the basic problem the innumerable would be “solvers” of the Arab-Israel  conflict have run into is that they “never managed to define it.”  While Taheri is right,  he fails to define it as well. Yet the definition is as simple as it is unwelcome to peace-processors.  The Arab world (indeed much of the Muslim world) seeks to eliminate the Jewish state while Israel is determined to survive.  It’s not a definition productive of a compromise “solution.”

But if Taheri fails to define the conflict, he is right when he says the best that can be achieved is a truce and Trump’s chance of coming up with a workable deal is “nil.” And Taheri offers a good suggestion. “There is one thing that Trump the deal-maker could do. He could ask the Israelis and the Palestinians to work on an agreement, each in their own camp, on what they exactly want, and report to him. My bet is that, at this moment, neither of the two sides would be able to shape any agreement in their own respective camp on what kind of a deal they might accept. And that, at least implicitly, means that both are happier with the status quo rather than the prolongation of ‘peace process’ which could never lead to peace and now is no longer even a process.”


Kudos to Fordham

FIRE (the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education) has dubbed Fordham one of the “10 worst colleges for free speech” for the second year in a row.  Its sin?  Barring the application for club status of Students for Justice in Palestine.

That decision puts Fordham on AFSI’s “10 best colleges for free speech” given that the hallmark of  Students for Justice  in Palestine  is shouting down and otherwise preventing anyone who is pro-Israel  from speaking on campus..

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