How Did We Get to This Sorry Pass? by Ruth King

I have lived through the unspeakable years of the Holocaust and then through the glorious years of Israel’s rebirth. I reveled as a young wife and mother in Israel’s lightning victory in 1967; in the assimilation and ingathering of oppressed Jews from every corner of the diaspora; in the Jewish democracy which has contributed to the cultural enhancement and the scientific, agricultural, technological and medical breakthroughs of the entire world. I was certain that unsheathed Jew hatred was a relic of the past.

My illusions have been systematically dashed by the tsunami of anti-Semitism infecting the whole world. It grows within the media, the academy and is expressed in seemingly daily new and increasingly vicious  libels against Jews and Israel. Where did it start is the question that gnaws at me.

Many good people seek explanations.

The London Center for Policy Research produced a meticulously researched book The BDS War against Israel- the Orwellian Campaign to Destroy Israel Through the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement. Written by Jed Babbin and Herbert London it documented the funding, agenda and duplicity of the movement. But the question remains: “How did we get there?”

The Gatestone Institute publishes countless columns detailing the crisis proportion of the anti-Semitism sweeping through Europe. The question nags: “Why is this happening?”

David Collier in England describes the growing anti-Semitism and hate festivals in mainline churches and in universities.

Frontpage Magazine and its Freedom Center are superb in researching and exposing the campus manifestations of Israel/Jew hatred throughout the nation. Check out But why did the campuses become the purveyors of “civilized” anti-Semitism?

CAMERA, the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America, does a yeoman’s job in monitoring the media and correcting distortions and libels against Israel. But how did we get to a place where this organization is essential?

Was it the Lebanon war of 1982?  In 1984 AFSI produced a documentary “NBC’s War in Lebanon- A Study in Misrepresentation” based on watching every single news report from NBC. It detailed the transgressions in reporting, the falsehoods and the overt bias of the network. The documentary was reviewed in the New York Times by John Corry who agreed that world opinion was altered by the coverage. As an example the respected commentator John Chancellor opined about a ”feeling Israel was turning into a warrior state, using far more force than is necessary to solve its problems.”  He also mentioned the ”problem with Israeli credibility.”  But, even the vile coverage did not elicit campus protests and calls for boycotts.

Was it Arab money fueling the Middle East departments of our universities? Robert Spencer has exposed the funding and agenda of the educational anti-Israel cartel know as MESA (Middle Eastern Studies Association) But, as bad as they are, they are not responsible for  the avalanche of organizations representing academic pursuits from Anthropology to Library Science to Asian-American Studies–to name only a few– that have voted to boycott Israel.

Is it the growing influence of Islam? Dr. Andrew Bostom has written tomes on the history of Islamic Jihad and the legacy of anti-Semitism. It certainly fuels the fires but how can the proponents of Islam gain such credibility when they have perpetrated atrocities within both Europe and America?

The question of how we got here haunted me until this past Thursday. I had lunch with a dear friend, a physician who grew up in Bulawayo- formerly Rhodesia. He now lives here and recounted how during Rosh Hashana he met a young Israeli family with three children who had just left Israel permanently and moved to Germany–of all places. When he asked why the answer was a smug “We want to live in a democracy” followed by accusations of harsh occupation of the Arabs by cruel and indifferent Jews. The expletives that he and I traded will not be repeated here. However, my question was answered.

Edward Alexander details it brilliantly in Jews against Themselves.

The Pandora’s box of anti-Semitism was opened by those Jews who turned on Israel. After all, if Jews will libel and hate Israel they legitimate that ancient hatred.

The fools – like that family that finds life in Germany preferable– will be the first to cry out in self-righteous amazement when the rising tide of global anti-Semitism comes lapping at their ankles.

They deserve no succor. They are complicit in the genocidal dreams of our enemies.





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