In Memoriam: Steven Plaut

AFSI deeply mourns the loss, not only to his family but to Israel and the Jewish people, of Professor Steven Plaut.

Born in Philadelphia in 1951, Plaut emigrated to Israel at the age of 30, becoming a professor of  economics at the Graduate School of Business of Haifa University. He almost died of cancer over a decade ago, recounting his brush with death in his book The Scout. He finally succumbed to the disease at the age of 65.

Plaut was a fierce champion of Israel who pulled no punches in his articles, many of which appeared as columns in The Jewish Press. He immediately recognized the folly of the 1993 Oslo accords; clearly setting forth the reasons they undermined the state. For over two decades he lashed out at Israeli leaders, whether on the left or (ostensibly) on the right, who persisted in pursuing the two state delusion. In one memorable column he declared the real name for the Oslo appeasement process and the subsequent “Road Map” was “the Cult of Moloch,” a Canaanite cult whose chief feature, according to the Bible, was the sacrifice of children.

At times, for Plaut, Israel’s misguided policies defied rational discourse and he resorted to satire and verse.

Plaut was also erudite, something that could be overshadowed by his biting rhetoric.

We reprint here a 2013 column that represents Plaut at his polemical and scholarly best– as topical now as the day it was written.

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