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The story of Taiwan’s expulsion from the UN is a cautionary tale for Israel. In 1971, after Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger implemented a rapprochement with the despots of Communist China, pro-American Taiwan was expelled by the United Nations to accommodate Peking (now Beijing).

In 1979 the American embassy in Taipei was downgraded to a consulate, the embassy to China relocated to Beijing.

Although Taiwan gave up all claims to the mainland, it didn’t help at the UN which  systematically reduced Taiwan’s role, banning it not only from the Security Council but from the General Assembly. It has hung on to a peripheral place on a few subcommittees, where it is routinely harassed by other members. Taiwan continues to apply for UN membership but its applications have been denied, shamefully with American support for the continuing ban.  Nonetheless Taiwan remains a thriving democracy now governed by a woman, Tsai Ing-wen.

The American embassy today is in Tel-Aviv not in Jerusalem, Israel’s capital. The United Nations edges closer and closer to recognition of a “Palestinian” state. Israel can meet the fate of Taiwan should  a “Greater Arab Palestine” be formally endorsed by the representatives of the  “HateIsraelstans”– those post-colonial nations that won independence in the 1950s, increasing the number of UN member states to 193, most of them oppressive tyrannies.

The United Nations and its sub agencies bash, libel and condemn Israel in an unending barrage of hostile resolutions, while ignoring the depredations of the most oppressive regimes in the world.

In response Israel has adopted two opposing policies.

One–the less appealing–is making concessions, even though all previous concessions have had disastrous results. Israel then airbrushes the inevitable violent Arab/Moslem response.

The second–and more appealing—policy is one through which Israel garners respect for strength, determination and indifference to the howling of antagonists.

The incredible lightning victory of 1967 brought an outpouring of Western support. So did the  epic rescue of hostages at Entebbe in 1976.  So did the raid of 1981, launched from an air base in the Sinai, which destroyed Saddam Hussein’s nuclear reactor at Osirak.

Initially the last produced howls from the left. To its discredit,  the United States abstained on a vote for UN resolution 487 which condemned Israel’s attack on an IAEA-approved nuclear site, entitled Iraq to sue for compensation, and urged Israel to place its nuclear facilities under IAEA safeguards.

However, much of the international press and public admired Israel’s pluck. For a brief period Israel basked in approval before turning to “peace processing” away its sovereignty.

So here is my proposal for a daring act by Israel. Leave the United Nations. Pack up, close the Permanent Mission to the United Nations and find real jobs for all the bureaucrats, pseudo diplomats and ancillary staff.

Netanyahu with African Leaders

Israel’s current growing number of exchanges with nations throughout the world were not brokered by a morally broken UN. They were advanced by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who leveraged the need of other countries, especially in the developing world, for the amazing technologies Israel can offer them, especially in agriculture, water recycling, and medical technologies.

Why stay in a club whose sub agencies, General Assembly and Security Council flog you on the way in, flog you while you attend their ludicrous meetings, and flog you on the way out?

An apathetic public deludes itself that the corrupt and corrupting United Nations is a force for justice and peace. They ignore its domination by despots and its abject failure at solving any international crisis. In fact, the organization is generally “closed for altercations.”

To leave the UN would be an act of derring-do (defined as action displaying heroic courage). That segment of the international public whose opinion is of any value will vigorously applaud.


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