The Treason of the Intellectuals by Ruth King

Recently a friend lamented that the academic elite in prewar Germany ignored the Nuremberg Laws, Kristallnacht and the impending genocide. They were indifferent—in some cases rejoiced—as Jewish colleagues were stripped of their faculty positions and Jewish students lost their rights to pursue degrees in the professions.

Another participant in the group mentioned that at the same time, here in America, major universities had quotas for Jewish faculty and students, a practice which continued for years after World War II.

All this elicits opprobrium from academic elites today.

But where is the outrage among academic elites over the thinly veiled anti-Semitism in virtually every college and university which is manifested in the Boycott, Divest and Sanction (BDS) movement, Students for Justice in Palestine, Jewish Voice for Peace, American Muslims for Palestine, U.S. Campaign for Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel, to name only a handful.

A few academic groups have spoken up. Scholars for Peace in the Middle East (SPME) has confronted campus anti-Semitism strongly. The National Association of Scholars (NAS) has sharply criticized the BDS movement “because it violates core principles of academic freedom…attempts to limit the free expression of ideas…attempts to use instruments of coercion to advance a point of view and…attempts to politicize the content of education and research.” Fordham University has now balked at fostering the BDS movement by refusing an application from Students for Justice in Palestine to form a chapter on campus.

But where is the outrage of professors rushing to their classes through quads peppered with anti-Semitic posters and students?

Where is their concern about the Middle Eastern Departments in their own schools which have been taken over by radical leftists, disciples of Edward Said and Rashid Kahlidi, who pervert history and apologize for Arab/Moslem terror? Most of these pseudo-scholars belong to the Middle East Studies Association (MESA) which bills itself as “a non-political association that fosters the study of the Middle East [and] promotes high standards of scholarship and teaching.” It does nothing of the sort.  In fact the group actively promotes Israel bashing among its 3,000 members.

In 2015 MESA members approved a resolution affirming “the right of MESA members to engage in open and transparent discussion of the boycott of Israeli academic institutions in the context of the annual meeting and other forums.” In November of that year a discussion was held on whether MESA should take a collective position regarding BDS.  Jens Hanssen, of the University of Toronto, a strong proponent of BDS, deflected the suggestion that MESA refrain from taking an overtly political position which could impact their mandate. He stated: “We have no choice. We are political by being nonpolitical. And we are political by being political. That is the quandary we are facing.” Huh?

Thus MESA, even without a collective resolution of organizational support for BDS, is responsible for trickle down anti-Semitism by their member professors who teach and promote the racist ideology that the Jewish people have no right to dwell in their ancient homeland, that by doing so they violate the rights of local Arabs, who, incidentally, have more rights under Israeli jurisdiction than in any Arab country.

So why are “scholars” silent about an epidemic of Jew hatred that is infecting academia?  Where are the myriad “counselors” and department heads and the “progressive” professors who feel everyone’s pain but that of increasingly isolated Jewish students who defend Israel?

These academics hold themselves in high regard for their supposed celebration of “diversity,” but they are hypocrites, cowards and traitors to the cause of education and truth.

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Article by Ruth King

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