Sweden Close to Collapse : Ingrid Carlqvist

Sweden is fast approaching a complete collapse. More and more municipalities are raising the alarm that if the migrants keep coming at this pace, the government can no longer guarantee normal service to its citizens. In addition, ominous statements from government officials have left Swedes in fear of what tomorrow may bring. If the migrant wave keeps coming, in 10-15 years, Swedes will be a minority in their own country.

At a press conference October 9, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven said that Sweden is in a state of crisis. However, when asked to clarify what he meant by this, Löfven was unable to produce a single coherent sentence.

“Yes, well first of all we, we are in the middle of what I mean seriously when I’m saying, when I express a, a big thank you to all the people doing such a great job, because it is a humanitarian effort, it’s just as the Minister for Justice and Migration just said. What we are actually doing is that we are saving lives when people who come from bombs, from, from killing, from oppression, their lives are shattered. We, we help them and that is a, that is a great humanitarian effort,. and of course now that we can see the number of people who need it… And that we are facing a crisis situation, that is in part why I, we are outlining today that we are also preparing for a situation where we may need to house people in tents, because we stand up with the humanitarian refugee policy, right of asylum, but we can now also see that we cannot close our eyes to the fact that there are more coming than ever in such a short time, and we need to provide a roof over their heads. Then it is — other things may be required.”

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In Praise of a Great Man: Ruth King

Theodor Herzl (1860-1904), (originally Benjamin Ze’ev Herzl), was a Hungarian-born journalist who became the founding father of modern political Zionism. The narrative of his life gives the lie to the ahistorical canard that Zionism evolved from the ashes of the Holocaust.

In 1882, Herzl, a secular and cosmopolitan Jew, encountered anti-Semitism while a student in the University of Vienna and withdrew from his fraternity when it took part in an anti-Jewish demonstration.

Becoming a successful writer and playwright, he only became preoccupied with the fate of the Jews a decade later.

It was the Dreyfus trial that would bring Herzl to the Zionist solution. In 1894, in France, in a gross miscarriage of justice, Captain Alfred Dreyfus was sentenced to life imprisonment on Devil’s Island in French Guiana for allegedly communicating French military secrets to the Germans. He would remain there for five years.

Herzl covered the trial as a journalist and was initially neutral. But when he saw the trial, learned that evidence of Dreyfus’s innocence had been suppressed, and heard shouts of “Death to the Jews” coming from French citizens, he understood that “egalite and fraternite”, the slogans of the French Revolution, did not extend to Jews.

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A new video has gone up at Zionism101.org:

“Israel’s War of Independence Part 1: The Fight to Survive” depicts the desperate period following the declaration of independence on May 14, 1948 when five Arab armies invade the nascent Jewish State. Israel will fend off the attackers but at great cost. You can see it directly via the following link:


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Halachic High Noon William Mehlman

Jewish conversion – the process and the product – has always been a bone of contention. Hillel, the revered Babylonian Jewish jurist and storied nasi (president) of the Sanhedrin, Israel’s supreme court, welcomed converts to Judaism with open arms. Shamai, his austere juridical adversary, couldn’t stand the sight of them. Hillel’s view generally prevailed and was resoundingly seconded centuries later by a pair of Talmudic sages who averred that God’s scattering of the Jews among the nations testified to His wish that they be joined by the converts.
The Israeli Chief Rabbinate begs to differ. From its Eastern (Sephardic) to its Western (Ashkenazic) extremities it has positioned itself on all matters relevant to Jewish conversion solidly in the Shamaist camp. Take that, Hillel! In simplest terms, the “Rabbinocracy,” as one wag dubbed it, has made it clear that it wants as little to do with enhancement of Jewish conversion as it can get away with.

It has gotten away with plenty. Of the roughly 300.000 “non-Jews” (not born of a Jewish mother) among the nearly one million citizens of the former Soviet Union who emigrated to Israel between 1983-2000, the Chief Rabbinate has managed to certify about 25,000 — less than 1 in 10 – as qualified for acceptance into the Jewish fold. More than 50 percent of those who initially set forth on the conversion path failed to pass an oral exam crafted to discourage their intention, while thousands more abandoned the effort before even getting that far. The “Nativ” program for converting young Russian IDF recruits fared somewhat better, but never really soared and is currently near its lowest ebb since inception. The Haredi rabbinic response to this massive failure was paraphrased in a single sentence by David Weinberg in a recent Jerusalem Post column: “Since [we] had no part in bringing the Russian ‘goyim’ to Israel, [we] take no responsibility for solving the demographic problem that secular Zionism has brought on itself.”

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From the Editor: Rael Jean Isaac

A New Use for RICO?

Despite winning such a high profile adherent as the Pope, the climate apocalyptics must really be worried. The latest ploy by twenty of them, including UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change lead author Kevin Trenberth, is an open letter to President Obama urging him to employ RICO against those critical of the notion that manmade climate change is fast destroying the planet. RICO stands for Racketeer-Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act and was originally passed, as the name suggests, to go after the mafia. It has since been widely abused to drive out of business, for example, small farmers. Its great advantage is that it provides for triple damages against the targeted party. The open letter suggests bringing suits against “corporations and other organizations” (presumably they have in mind outfits like the Heartland Institute which brings together thousands of skeptical scientists) “who have knowingly deceived the American people about the risks of climate change.” Disagreement equals knowing deception in this parlance.

The joke is that Trenberth was caught out in the hacker-released emails known as Climategate saying in 2009 “The fact is that we can’t account for the lack of warming at the moment and it is a travesty that we can’t.” There hasn’t been any warming in the seven years since he sent the email making it two decades of no-warming the alarmists can’t account for. If you can’t account for it, go for second best, sue those who point out the “travesty” (plus everything else that’s wrong with the theory) for triple damages. If free speech is so important, it should be worth money, right?
Scientist Roger Pielke, a familiar target of the apocalyptics (even though he is actually a semi- believer) points out that Jagadesh Shuklan, the top billed scientist who signed the letter, has a lot to lose. He and his wife were paid $1.5 million in government climate grants from 2012 to 2014. That, says Pielke, is on top of Shuklan’s $250,000 a year academic salary. There’s a lot at stake in making sure the emperor’s new clothes keep their fit.

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A Watershed for America’s Jews? Rael Jean Isaac

Are the years when the United States was a supremely comfortable place for American Jews coming to an end? Thanks to Obama’s polices, the answer may be yes, although most American Jews are not only blind to the dangers but actively promoting those very policies.

Challenged by what Secretary of State Kerry calls Germany’s “example to the world” in opening its borders to 800,000 (overwhelmingly Moslem) migrants this year, the Obama administration now proposes to boost the number of refugees it accepts to 100,000 annually, including 10,000 Syrians.
In practice this means a huge increase in Muslim immigrants, much larger than even that number suggests. Breitbart reports that in 2013 there were 280,276 immigrants from Moslem-majority countries. Of these just under 40,000 were refugees. The rest were divided almost equally into those given permanent resident status and those coming as temporary (in theory) migrants, including students and foreign workers. With Obama more than doubling the number of those admitted as refugees, there is little doubt there will be a substantial rise in the other categories—don’t forget, family unification is a major source of legal immigrants.

There is no doubt that the American Jewish community is the one most threatened by this immigration. Unlike in Germany, a million more Muslim immigrants will not upend the religious demographics of the United States with its population of almost 319 million. But the radical growth in the Muslim population will have a dramatic effect on the small U.S. Jewish population. There are estimated to be five and a half million Jews in the United States. Even before the current Obama escalation, the Pew Research Center forecast the Muslim population would more than double by 2030 to 6.2 million, overmatching the number of Jews.

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The Shame of the Jews (October 1993) Herbert Zweibon

Editor’s note: In the September Mosaic magazine Ruth Wisse commemorates the 22nd anniversary of the signing of Israel’s signing of the Oslo Accords with Yasser Arafat on the White House lawn on September 13. She writes of her own disquiet at the time and of her confidence that no good could come of it. So universal then was Jewish enthusiasm that Richard Bernstein of the New York Times called her a second time before publishing her reaction (along with the euphoric responses of other American Jews) to make sure she hadn’t changed her mind. Americans for a Safe Israel was the only pro-Israel organization to denounce the accords from the beginning. Here is then AFSI chairman Herbert Zweibon’s editorial in the October 1993 issue of Outpost to mark our commemoration of this day of infamy and criminal stupidity on the part of the Israeli government.

In the summer of 1883, in the wake of yet another malaria epidemic, Baron de Rothschild dispatched his agent, one Emile Meyerson, to the struggling Jewish settlement of Yesod Hama’ala, in the Huleh Valley. Meyerson explained to the settlers that while the baron was deeply committed to the cause of resettling the Holy Land, he now believed the health problems afflicting Yesod Hama’ala were too severe to overcome. The baron proposed that the settlers leave. “Some of you will be able to settle in other villages in this country,” Meyerson assured them. “As for the rest, those who want compensation will receive it, and those who want to remain in farming will be sent at the expense of the Jewish Colonization Association to Argentina, where they will be given excellent conditions.”

David Ben-Gurion, who related this episode in his memoirs, described the “deathly silence” that filled the room. The faces of the settlers were “as white as ghosts.” Finally a settler named Fischel Salomon stepped forward. “My dear Mr. Meyerson, we came here before the baron, and did so in response to God’s command,” Salomon declared. “The baron has given us much assistance, and in so doing fulfilled his sacred duty to his people and his land. If he wants to continue, he should by all means do so. If he doesn’t want to, so be it. But we will not be moved, not by the Jewish Colonization Association nor by the baron, but only by God Himself who brought us here. No human being will move us from this place.”

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What Iran Is Permitted To Do Under The JCPOA Yigal Carmon

Editor’s note: Proponents of the Obama administration’s Iran deal focus on what Iran supposedly cannot do under terms of the agreement. This analysis focuses on what it can do–contrary to administration talking points. It is worth noting that the Obama administration sent to Congress a copy of the agreement with no signatures. At this writing it is not clear that the agreement has even been signed by Iran, in which case it is dubious that it has any force

Here are a few examples of what Iran can do under the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action). These actions–permitted under the JCPOA–clearly contradict statements and arguments raised recently by U.S. administration officials.

Iran Can Pursue the Development of a Nuclear Device and Key Nuclear Technologies

Under the JCPOA, Iran can conduct activities “suitable for the development of a nuclear device” if the joint commission approves it as being “monitored and not for weapons purposes.” If anything should have been totally and absolutely banned by this agreement, it is activity suitable for the development of a nuclear device. President Obama’s declared rationale for the agreement is to distance Iran from a nuclear device. The JCPOA, under certain conditions, allows even that.

Also nowhere in the JCPOA does Iran promise to refrain from development of key technologies that would be necessary to develop a nuclear device. To the contrary, Ali Akbar Salehi, head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, stated: “We are building nuclear fusion now that is the technology for the next 50 years.”

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The Two-State Solution Is in Stalemate. What Can Israel Do to Prevail? Part 1 Evelyn Gordon

(Editor’s note: Evelyn Gordon provides an alternative strategy to the delusionary two state solution. This article, which we have divided into two parts—the second installment will be in the next Outpost—is all the more timely and useful now that Prime Minister Netanyahu and Secretary of State Kerry seek to resume—yet again!—negotiations for an all-embracing agreement.)

It’s a longstanding truism of international relations that “everyone knows” the solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Yet today, after more than two decades of negotiations under several different Israeli, Palestinian, and American governments have repeatedly failed to produce the two-state agreement whose terms “everyone knows,” it is past time to put this false idea to rest. In fact, what the talks have shown is that even when there’s agreement on general principles, the remaining gaps are insurmountable—and often there isn’t even agreement on principles. What this means is that, for now and for the foreseeable future, a final peace is not achievable.

To most Israelis, this isn’t news. Repeated polls have confirmed that while a stable majority still favors a two-state solution, an even larger majority doesn’t believe an agreement can or will be signed anytime soon—or that the Palestinians are serious about reaching one.

And little wonder. After all, every proposal made by either Israel or international mediators in the past 20 years has met with summary rejection. Yasir Arafat turned down offers by Prime Minister Ehud Barak and U.S. President Bill Clinton in 2000-01; Mahmoud Abbas never even responded to Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s offer in 2008; and last year, according to a senior American official, Abbas first “rejected all of [Secretary of State John] Kerry’s ideas” and then “refused” an American proposal personally presented by President Barack Obama.

No less telling, each territorial concession by Israel has produced not a decrease but a dramatic increase in Palestinian terrorism. In the two-and-a-half years following the Oslo Accords in 1993, when Israel withdrew from most of Gaza and parts of the West Bank, more Israelis were killed by Palestinians than in the entire preceding decade. The second intifada, which erupted in 2000, produced more Israeli casualties in four years than all the terror attacks of the previous 53 years combined. Since 2005, the year in which Israel evacuated every last soldier and settler from Gaza, Palestinians there have fired over 16,000 rockets and mortars at Israel’s civilian population. People who are serious about making peace generally don’t use every bit of territory ceded to them in order to attack their “peace partner.”

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The Famed Lion Hunter Who Became a Lion for Judea Lt. Col. John Henry Patterson Ruth King

On December 4th, 2014, 67 years after his death, the remains of British Lt.-Colonel John Henry Patterson (1867- 1947) and his wife Francie were buried in a modest ceremony in the cemetery of Moshav Avihai, near Netanya. The event was spurred by the wishes of his grandson Alan Patterson who stated his desire to rebury his grandfather’s remains in Israel in the afterward of Denis Brian’s The Seven Lives of Col. Patterson.

As the BBC reported in a (surprisingly) fair column: “The ashes of a swashbuckling hero of the British Empire are to be reburied in Israel after a service attended by the country’s prime minister. John Henry Patterson was a soldier, big-game hunter and writer, whose exploits inspired three Hollywood movies. The man who was to become a hero to Israelis and Britons was not Jewish, and was more Irish than British. Like many servants of the crown in the days of Empire he was an Irishman born in County Longford in 1867 to a Protestant father and Catholic mother.”

The swashbuckling hero of Israel made his name early in Tsavo, Kenya, where two man-eating lions terrorized laborers building a bridge and killed 100 of them. To protect the locals and finish the bridge project, Patterson, who had hunted tigers during military service in India, killed both feline predators. The feat inspired three Hollywood movies–Bwana Devil (1952), Killers of Kilimanjaro (1959) and The Ghost and the Darkness (1996). In an irony of filmmaking, Michael Douglas played Patterson (converted into an American) in The Ghost and the Darkness while his father Kirk Douglas thirty years earlier had played the role of the American hero Mickey Marcus, who fought and died valiantly protecting Israel in the War of Independence.

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